Wyoming dog training and boarding center closes

WYOMING, Mich. - A well-known dog training and boarding center in Wyoming is closing.

The Well-Mannered Dog on Clay Avenue in Wyoming closed Tuesday, July 31.  Dogs that are being boarded at the center will be cared for until they can be picked up.

Staff at the center tell FOX 17 that their lease has expired and increasing property values in the area have the owner of the property looking for other opportunities.

The center was severely damaged four years ago when a tornado tore through their area of Wyoming.  The center was closed for nearly a year while they rebuilt.  Staff at the center say that they new building is being taxed as a new structure at a higher rate and the landlord has had to raise the rent significantly to pay for the increase.

Owner of The Well-Mannered Dog says this is incredibly difficult on her.

“I didn’t run out of support. And I didn’t run out of loyal people. I ran out of time. I have to fully vacate August 31,” Well-Mannered Dog owner Kathryn Snyder said.

Well-Mannered Dog isn't taking in any new animals as of Tuesday for boarding. Dogs currently in boarding will be able to stay until their owners pick them up.

On Facebook, the American Kennel Club announced Tuesday the cancellation of obedience and relay trials at the center in August and licensed nosework trials later in the month.

All operations have to be out of the center by August 31.

We'll have more from the center on later editions of FOX 17 News.

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