Video shows Detroit police officer beating naked woman

(AP) – A Detroit police officer has been suspended after cellphone video emerged showing him beating a naked, unarmed woman inside an emergency room triage unit as another officer and hospital security restrained her.

The video posted on WJBK-TV’s website shows the male officer punching the woman about a dozen times on Wednesday at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

She can be heard shouting a threat at someone before being grabbed by one of the police officers and security staff. She then was punched by the male officer.

Police Chief James Craig told reporters Thursday that the woman appeared to be suffering from some mental issue and had already spat on hospital workers and bitten a security worker before she tried to bite the officer who hit her.

The department has launched a criminal investigation.

The woman and the officer who hit her are black.

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  • Robert Clark

    There is no excuse for the male officers behavior. More and more officers are beating and shooting at ppl in their communities. HELLO OFFICERS, YOUR JOB IS TO SERVE AND PROTECT OUR/YOUR COMMUNITIES… RECOGNIZE YOUR POSITION AND DUTIES PLZ AND THANK YOU.

    • Michael

      It’s not happening “more and more”. It’s actually happening less than ever due to the professionalism and dedication of those in the profession.

      You may hear about it more often because of the availability of cell phones, social media, and the current climate of the news tending to bash law enforcement but it’s not heppening “more” than 10, 20, or 30 years ago.

      Think about it. You hear of an incident in Detroit, then Chicago, then Florida. You are seeing isolated nationwide incidents among a profession with over 800,000 members.

  • learnedmylesson25

    Agree Michael.The people,more and more of them strung out on drugs–and if gangbangers–possessing guns,cannot be trusted to cooperate–and might just as easily kill a cop.I don’t know how the police behave as well as they do.

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