State investigating Creative Kids Day Care after parents say they left their child in pain for hours

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. -- A state agency is investigating a day care in Hudsonville for at least the tenth time since 2014.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has another investigation into Creative Kids Day Care, located at 5692 School Ave. in Hudsonville. This time officials are responding to initial parents' complaints, that their 18-month-old daughter's elbow was dislocated at the day care, but no employees notified them or made an incident report.

The LARA website also publicly shares its previous special investigation reports, citing Creative Kids Day Care violations from 2006 to this February: detailing neglect, verbal abuse and unsanitary conditions.

Marrissa Lacombe and Tylor Ching tell FOX 17 they pulled their 18-month-old daughter Milaya from the day care last Friday. Lacombe recalls her daughter's July 17 injury saying they're shocked with how the employees handled it.

"[Milaya] came out and she was screaming, and [Creative Kids Day Care employees] said that she was just exhausted," said Lacombe, recalling July 17 when she picked up her daughter. "And I’m like my child has never acted like that when she’s just tired."

"Then I got home and I went to go take her out of the car seat, and I pulled that arm and she finally stopped screaming once we got home."

Lacombe and Ching took Milaya to the hospital that night, where they say doctors reset her elbow.

At the time of their daughter's injury, Lacombe wasn't only a parent at Creative Kids Day Care, she was an employee from August 2017 until she quit this Monday. She says she was in disbelief with how her coworkers never notified her when she was just a room away, and then how her bosses responded.

"I was close with [staff] and I figured that they could tell me everything," said Lacombe, "I was right next door, I figured if there was any problems they could just come over [...] but instead, [Milaya] had to sit there for three hours and suffer and no one said a word to me, nothing."

"When I went to go talk with Sam and Jenny [the day care's Director and Assistant Director] the next day, they said that they noticed that workers tend to slack with workers’ children. I just think with the allegations last year and then this, it’s not okay: stuff’s just going to keep happening, they’re going to keep covering stuff up, they’re going to keep doing what they can to keep the place in business."

The couple tells FOX 17 two day care employees were suspended two days for Milaya’s elbow injury, but add they never saw video surveillance or got an incident report regarding their daughter's injury. They also shared other scary things that happened at the day care.

"The Friday before there was an incident where [Milaya] had scissors because one of the workers put them in front of her during snack time, and she had them and the worker didn’t know," Lacombe recalled.

Last Friday, Lacombe and Ching removed Milaya from Creative Kids Day Care.

"It's definitely harder for me to think about her going back to day care," said Lacombe. "I know that all centers aren’t like this."

"It's hard to trust another day care, going from our experience with Creative Kids," said Ching, sitting beside Lacombe.

In October 2017, Creative Kids Day Care was under close watch from the state, with violations from verbal abuse to neglect. FOX 17 spoke with a mother at that time who says her seven-month-old son was left unattended, with his clothes soaked from saliva.

LARA officials told FOX 17 Wednesday that Creative Kids Day Care in Hudsonville reported this elbow injury to the state on Aug. 6; however, officials said law requires day cares to report an incident like this within 24 hours. The state's investigation is ongoing.

FOX 17 called Creative Kids Day Care for comment twice, and its owner Diane Newenhouse hung up on FOX 17 each time.

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    • Mac Woods

      Trisha, don’t worry. This was a human being that was injured. Had this been some GD dog at a kennel? There would be 700 comments on this page right now calling for the execution of the business owner.

  • Johanna

    I am a former employee of a daycare in grant Michigan, children under the age of 5 were often refused meals by the owner if they didn’t follow her “rules”, infants were left crying for long periods of time in their cribs at nap time, as well as a list of random small things that just add up to neglect. I started telling parents what was happening to their children in her care, she eventually was closed down. It’s so important to speak up, even if it results in losing your job or other good employees losing theirs. Parents have to know their children are more than ok in day care!!

  • Deb

    I have read this story but I still have some unanswered questions. Why did she wait so long to take child to hospital if she was screaming and crying for 3 hours? Why was she not brought in right away instead of going home first, you say your child has never acted like that so to me that is a sign that there is something wrong.You work at the same place you have your daughter why did you not check on her then if you knew she was crying for so long ? Why did you pull on her arm then trying to get her out of car seat? Why did you wait so long to report this if it happen July 17 and then now you quit on Monday and it makes the news . Why is the public not told your daughter has nurse’s elbow this is caused by her muscle and ligaments not being very strong and any type of pull or twist will cause injury. I understand you are upset your child is hurt ,but yet some responsibility is also yours. I understand some is also with the daycare, I know this is not the first time something has been brought against them , how many of them allegations are true or how many have been brought on by disgruntled employees trying to get back at them. I don’t want or need any black lash from this. I am just wondering about some of this some makes , but yet again some doesn’t. There are two sides to a story and so far only hear all the bad. I understand now they are closing. What does this do to all the employees and parents who now have to find other places for work and for their children. If it is such a bad place ok close the door but if it only considered bad because of former employees then not good.

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