Know the Law- Statewide Bike Passing Law

Michigan now has a Statewide Bike Passing Law

A couple of weeks ago, Governor Snyder signed a bill that allows for the creation of a 3-foot statewide bike passing law. Shortly before that and in a separate Know the Law segment, we talked about what this bill was along with how a statewide bike passing law can better protect bicyclists.

As a reminder, HB 4265 said that if a vehicle wants to pass a bicyclist driving in the same direction as them, the driver of the vehicle must pass at a distance of 3-feet to the right or left of the bicyclist. The bill also says that if it is not practicable to do so, the driver must pass at a safe speed and distance from the bicyclist. Drivers who fail to follow this law will receive a ticket.

Statewide Bike Passing Law does not go into Effect until August 2019

Before Governor Snyder signed this bill, Michigan was one of nine states that did not have a statewide bike passing law. Cities across Michigan, such as Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, did however have local ordinances requiring drivers to leave a few feet of room between a car and bicycle when passing.

Even though this law does not go into effect until August 1st, 2019, it would be a great practice for drivers to start passing bicyclists at this 3-foot distance, in order to avoid a collision.

Bicyclists Hit by Cars Can Receive No-Fault Benefits

Injured bicyclists who are hit by a car have the right to receive Michigan no-fault benefits. Drivers should remember they must treat a bicycle like all other vehicles on the roadway. Failing to respect bicyclists on the roads could lead to serious injuries. Bicyclists must also remember that they have to follow the rules of the road, as well as the laws that apply to bicycling.

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