Two young entrepreneurs open new furniture shop in Grandville

GRANDVILLE, Mich. -- There’s a new option for handmade rustic and modern furniture pieces to add to your home. What started as a part time hobby is now a store in downtown Grandville.

As a student of chiropractic, Zach Grover knew making “adjustments” would ultimately be part of his job.

“It was pretty unique having to make it work," said Grover. "My wife was in school, had a baby in the midst of it, [and I was] trying to run a business in a small garage."

But little did he know the biggest adjustment would be on his own career.

Zach and a friend made furniture in their spare time. "We had a lot of orders coming in for about two years," Grover said. "We made the garage work, and then we decided it was time to get a store.”

So, this past week Zach and his friend and now co-owner Jonah Hagist took their hobby out of his garage and off of craigslist and took it to Chicago Drive in Grandville.

“We do cabinets, wet bars, vanities, bed frames, you name it, we can do it,” said Jonah.

At Grand Rapids Rustic, customers can pick their own wood and their own stain color. They can even pick their own leg style.

“We do primarily custom woodworking; we do have some stock items,” said Zach. “But for the most part, anything you see in here, is fully customizable.”

“We really go for that modern-meets-rustic look in everything we do, “said Jonah. “We’re always going to have something new going on. We’ve always got a couple different features going on in the store, new items, [and] things coming around.”

And these two entrepreneurs have some advice for others who are looking to customize their own career path. “It just sends a message that you don’t have to let lack of resources hold you down,” said Zach.

Grand Rapids Rustic’s grand opening was this past Friday and is open six days a week, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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