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Restaurant puts together wedding meal in 90 minutes after original caterer doesn’t show

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. - Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Vansledright said "I Do" on August 11.

The problem is their caterer thought the wedding was August 18.

Just before the ceremony, the family got the news that there would be no food at their wedding.

So as the guests arrived, family made a last minute request to the restaurant next door to the venue to see if they could help them feed their guests. Sonder Eatery owner Nick Ruesticus says when the couple came over in tears; there was no way he would say no.

In just 90 minutes, Sonder's staff put together a cocktail hour and more than 150 meals. They even made sure everyone had their choice of chicken or beef, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

The bride and groom say without Nick's help, they don't know what their wedding would have looked like.

The original caterer, who asked not to be named, refunded money to the family.

The happy couple is now enjoying their honeymoon in Costa Rica.

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  • Jeanie ami

    The caterer didn’t make the mistake – the bride gave the caterer the wrong date. Now on a prime summer weekend the employees of the caterer have lost work. The caterer has lost money. And even though in good faith the caterer gave back the deposit this family is publicizing this making it sound like the caterer screwed up. Bad form.

    • Mac Woods

      I’m a logical person, and ordinarily I couldn’t care less about such things. But here’s this article. I read it. Then you say that the bride gave the caterer the wrong date? Now my wife (and indeed every married woman I know or am related to) can quote chapter & verse about when and where their wedding took place, and yet here, you’ve assured us that the bride screwed that information up? Possible, certainly. But not very likely. My wife happens to be a caterer. She is constantly reviewing dates & venues with her clients. I would find it hard to believe (again) that a date was settled upon, and the caterer never once called or emailed after that to clarify? People do change their minds. Staying on top of these details and the often mercurial clientele she serves, is her (no pun intended) bread & butter.

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