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Finding Le-Asia her Forever Home

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Each month FOX 17 features children in Michigan's foster care system, and helped 95 percent of the children featured match with loving families, according to Orchards Children's Services.

Eleven-year-old Le-Asia is very smart, creative and compassionate. And while she's humble, she had the opportunity to show off some of her gymnastic talents while taking a lesson with Expressions Dance Academy in Grand Rapids on Wednesday.

"You just take one of your legs, you lift it up in the air, and you grab it with this hand," Le-Asia said, explaining to FOX 17 how she's practicing her "Scorpio" dance move.

Le-Asia is a natural gymnast. She's interested in cheerleading, learning more gymnastics and dance.

"My favorite part of learning new gymnastics is getting a suit: a gymnastics leotard," she said.

This fall Le-Asia starts seventh grade and she's already a star student. When FOX 17 asked what she likes about school, she said, "Everything," especially reading and writing.

When it comes to reading she said, "I’m at a twelfth-grade reading level, so I like reading everything. I just like reading ‘cause it’s fun."

At home, Le-Asia likes to cook and bake, crafting her own recipes like "frozen brownie pops."

"You bake it and let it melt, and then you put it in the freezer," she said. "I come up with all my ideas."

Just like the adults who help her navigate the foster care system, Le-Asia says she wants to help kids like herself and become a case worker.

"Go to college to work with kids," she said, "like at [foster care] placement."

Until then, Le-Asia is looking forward to more gymnastics and starting seventh grade.

"Because I get to make new friends, I get to learn new things, I get to do harder stuff," said Le-Asia.

To learn more about Le-Asia, her story and the adoption process, call her adoption agency Orchards Children's Services at: 1-(855)-694-7301.

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