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Family of man tazed with baby questions the force used by police


WESTLAND, Mich. (AP) — A suburban Detroit police department is investigating the arrest of a combative father who may have still been holding his 2-month-old son when an officer shot him with a stun gun.

Westland police said in a statement Monday that the man grabbed his son after the officers told him they were arresting him for assault, property damage and outstanding warrants.

The man’s girlfriend and boy’s mother, Nichole Skidmore, told WXYZ-TV that her boyfriend was still holding their son when the officer fired the stun gun. But police say Skidmore was holding the child before the father was stunned.

In a video of the arrest posted on Facebook by neighbor Kelvin Williams, it isn’t clear if the man was still holding the boy.

Williams says the officers arrived at the home during a Friday night barbecue and asked who was fighting. He says the officers were told they had the wrong house and that the child’s father became agitated while talking to them.

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  • Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

    Obviously if the police were arresting him on warrants he was wanted for a crime – since the baby momma was lying there, she is probably lying on the rest of her statement.

  • Vicki Fletcher

    It looked to me as if the person with the White Pants on had snatched the baby just prior to the man being Tazed. Watch it closer as I did 4 x and that is what I seen. Now I cannot understand why he was arrested, like really what did he do? Maybe this is not telling the whole story but it truly look’s as tho the baby WAS NOT IN HIS ARM’S.

  • Bud

    It’s pretty obvious the child was taken from the man’s arms before he was tasered. If the man had cooperated with the police, there would not have been a need to taser the guy – but hey – since Obama was president it’s easier to blame the police than the belligerent person. Liberals have effectively removed all common sense from society. Actions no longer have consequences and you are guilty until proven innocent – even if it only is an allegation.

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