3 Mile Project opens new Ninja Course

Kids want to be loud, loved, and feel like they belong. There's a place in Grand Rapids where they can be all three, The 3 Mile Project!

The 3 Mile Project is a place where children can be provided a safe space where they can be encourage in their physical, emotional, and spiritual development. The founders of 3 Mile Project wanted to create an environment where they could reflect God's love without the kids being pressured or intimidated, so they set up shop in a warehouse where students could build a community with each other.

At their 34,000 square-foot facility, kids have access to sports courts, theaters, a skate park, video games, table games, a cafe, and their newest addition, the ninja course.

On different evenings, they're open to different age groups. First time visitors must complete a one-time registration, they they'll receive a membership card allowing them into the facility. The entrance fee is just $5 for three hours of fun.

The 3 Mile Project is located at 3050 Walkent Drive North West in Grand Rapids.

For more information on their programs, or to make a donation, visit 3mp.org.

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