Guard accused of having sex with corpse in hospital storage room

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis hospital security guard was arrested after witnesses told police they saw him having sex with a corpse, according to WREG.

Cameron Wright, 23, was charged Thursday with abuse of a corpse.

Two witnesses told police they saw Wright in the act with a female corpse in the hospital’s body storage room Wednesday.

According to court documents, Wright admitted to the crime.

St. Francis Hospital said in a statement that the guard, who worked for a contractor, has been terminated by the company:

“Treating those we serve with dignity and respect is our top priority. The behavior of this individual does not represent what our hospital stands for, and these actions are completely unacceptable.  We are saddened by this incident, and we are empathic and sympathetic to the family of the patient.  We contract with U.S. Security Associates for our hospital’s security services, and all officers are required to undergo thorough background checks.  The security guard involved in this situation has been terminated.”

Methodist University Hospital confirmed that Cameron Wright previously worked as a security guard there, but hadn’t been employed at the hospital in more than a year.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, which licensed Wright as an unarmed security guard, said a search of their records showed no criminal record nor any complaint history.

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  • J

    Where is the naacp on this oh that’s right it’s just a legal hate group if this was a white guy and a black corpse oh good lord we would have the fake rev al and the hate groups all over this god bless trump!!!!!

    • C

      I’m guessing that even the NAACP has its limits. Necrophilia is surely a revulsion to them just like it is to any normal people.