Excessive Heat Warning Issued for West Michigan

Mom says bullies broke 6-year-old’s arm, beat him after he stood up for friend

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OLYMPIA, Wash. – A 6-year-old Washington boy is recovering from serious injuries after he was allegedly attacked by a group of bullies.

"It's been hell," Dana English told KOMO. "I haven't slept. I haven't eaten. I can't do anything. I can't even leave his side."

English says her 6-year-old son, Carter, was attacked by a group of kids at their apartment complex on Wednesday afternoon. Carter says it all started when he confronted the group for bullying his friend.

"They were just bullying him, like beating him up," Carter said. "I just told them to stop, and then they did it to me."

Family members say the bullies beat Carter with rocks and sticks and even rubbed sawdust in his eyes. He ended up with a broken arm, lacerated eye and several cuts and bruises across his face.

He had surgery on his eye and may need surgery on his arm.

According to KOMO, Olympia Police are investigating the incident.  They reportedly have identified the 5-year-old they believe initiated the incident and are planning to involve social services.

Police reportedly told KOMO that “the case was briefly presented to the prosecutor’s office, but due to the age of everyone involved, the case will not result in a criminal referral.”

“Bullying is not okay," English said. "There’s no reason to bully someone, ever.”

Family friends have started a GoFundMe account to help support Carter and his family during his recovery.

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  • Ms. Grumpy

    That’s not bullying, that’s assault. People need to learn the difference. If they aren’t going to charge the kids they need to hold the parents accountable for not watching their children.

  • Christen

    I’m infuriated to learn of what happened to your child! I’m not sure what state this occured in but why is your State Prosecutor not doing anything at all about the aftermath of this brutal assault upon your child from the other children? How many other children ganged up on ur son? Were you a witness to the attack upon your son? Can’t the parents of these children face criminal charges and penalties? If not, please be sure to civil sue the living hell out of the parents responsible for these children your son is so entitled to civil damages !! So sorry for your son. I have a son around your son’s age. Your son is a brave little guy to come to the defense of another child!!

  • AmericanWoman

    From the GOFUNDME page: My friend Savannah and I created this Go Fund Me Account for our good friend Dana. On August 22nd, 2018 one of our community member’s sons was attacked by 7 children in his apartment complex. Carter has multiple hematomas on his forehead, a concussion, lacerations to his eyelid and eyeball (they had to pull beauty bark out of his eye), fractured elbow in 3 places and a broken arm and he has the possibility of loosing his left eye. Carter is 6 and has Autism. He is a very smart boy and loves video games, playing with his friends and being with his family. What happened to him wasn’t okay and the police are not stopping until they catch the kids that did this to him. They beat him with sticks and rocks. This Go Fund Me account is to help his mom, Dana English, with medical bills and gas money.

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