“I need to get away from this awful society:” Bride cancels wedding after friends & family don’t foot $60k bill

CANADA —  A woman’s viral and vulgar rant has launched her into a new category of “Bridezillas”.

According to FOX News, the woman, named Susan, is blaming her friends and family for having to cancel her $60,000 dream wedding.

Susan and her fiance met back when they were 14, and dated for years before getting engaged. The pair managed to save up $15,000 for their wedding, but the ceremony and reception Susan wanted would be four times that amount.

“We started touring venues and were torn between two. A local psychic told us to go with the more expensive option, and we thought why the hell not?” Susan wrote.

To make up for the difference, Susan and her fiance requested guests give them gifts of cash, specifically $1500. They also made it clear anyone who didn’t pay would not be welcome to their wedding.  The pair also tried to raise money with a GoFundMe page, which only raised $250.

The couple only ended up having eight people come forward with the money. The Maid of Honor had pledged $5,000, but according to Susan, later changed her mind, telling the bride-to-be she may want to adjust her budget.

The bride-to-be says she also refused to get married in Las Vegas, a cheaper option suggested by her fiance.

In the end, Susan cancelled the wedding just days before. She also dumped her fiance, with whom she shares a son, citing irreparable problems.

After posting her 17-paragrah rant, Susan said she was deleting Facebook and would be backpacking in South America for the next two months.

If you’d like to read the entire obscene-laden rant, click here.

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  • Wings

    Who in the hell does this little BIT## think she is? I would not give her a penny. How dare her ask her GUEST to give her that much money.

  • Julie

    The guy dodged a bullet. This beeotch isn’t civil or mature enough to enter into the contract of marriage. It’s not about the fantasy of the wedding; it’s about the long-haul of the relationship. If you can’t find a cheap civil ceremony satisfactory, than you’ve probably missed the point of the marriage and are an unrealistic person who will never be satisfied in the ordinary day-to-day life after the wedding.

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