Teens arrested with marijuana plants, AR-15

EUREKA TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Montcalm County deputies pulled over a suspicious vehicle Wednesday night and arrested three teens who had 30 marijuana plants and an AR-15 rifle.

Department officials say a deputy was parked in the drive leading to the Greenville Municipal Airport at about 11:00 p.m. Wednesday when a vehicle came down the driveway, which was unusual for the time. The deputy followed the vehicle and watched it turn around and leave. The deputy made contact with the vehicle and in talking with the driver, the deputy said they driver seemed nervous.

Officials say the deputy left his patrol car and approached the vehicle. The deputy then reports smelling a strong odor of marijuana.

Deputies and officers with the Greenville Department of Public Safety search the vehicle and found 30 freshly pulled marijuana plants and an AR-15 rifle in the trunk of the car. Deputies say the teens admitted to pulling the plants from a cornfield in Ionia County and the driver admitted that the rifle was his.

Christian Stoneham, 18, Trinity-James Carter, 19 and Robert Schodowski, 18, were each charged with Delivery of Marijuana. Schodowski was also charged with Possessing a Firearm during a felony.  All three are from the Sheridan, Michigan area and are being held on bonds ranging from $1,500 to $5,000.

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