Police: Woman kills husband by putting eye drops in water

CLOVER, S.C. (AP) — Authorities say a South Carolina woman has been charged with murder after killing her husband by putting eye drops into his water for several days.

York County deputies said 52-year-old Lana Clayton confessed to investigators after an autopsy uncovered a high amount of tetrahydrozoline in her husband’s body.

The chemical is found in over-the-counter eye drops such as Visine.

Authorities say 64-year-old Stephen Clayton was found dead July 21 in the couple’s home in Clover.

Arrest warrants and the statement from deputies didn’t give a motive for the alleged poisoning.

Lana Clayton also is charged with malicious tampering with a drug product or food.

Jail records did not indicate if she had a lawyer.

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  • On It

    Great. Now how many more idiots will use this idea to harm? Some things just shouldn’t be reported, the media certainly picks & chooses what to report when it comes to politics, but no, the public just needed to know how to kill with eyedrops. P*ss poor judgement.

    • Mac Woods

      So you genuinely believe, that a guy bent on murder, and at a loss for how he should accomplish it, could potentially stumble across this article which will give him a Eureka moment; and the ultimate impetus to actually do it? You can’t possibly be serious?

        • Mac Woods

          Paula, if I only had ten bucks for every time I was angry at my parents (for some silly reason) between the ages of 12 & 24, I could have retired years ago. This happens to everyone. But the overwhelming majority are law-abiding citizens. Even those unconstrained by morality ARE constrained by the concept of prison……..