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Trial starts for mother accused of killing infant

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A trial started Tuesday for a mother charged with abuse and the murder of her own baby. The alleged crimes took place in July 2017.

In his opening statements, Kent County prosecutor Chris Becker said Lovily Johnson left her baby unattended for 32 hours in his car seat while inside her Wyoming residence.

Becker said Noah Johnson's body decomposed in that time while his mother admittedly smoked pot with friends. However, her attorney suggested the 6-month-old could've died the first night and that he could've died from anything.

The first witness to take the stand, an emergency room doctor from Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, showed jurors several photos of Noah’s decomposing body.

There was also testimony from a woman Johnson claimed was babysitting Noah at the time of his death.

Harry Woods, a father figure to Johnson, told jurors how Johnson called him for a ride to the hospital. On the way there, he learned the baby wasn't breathing and asked her why she didn't call the ambulance.

The day ended with jurors watching more than an hour of an interrogation video of Johnson being grilled by investigators. The prosecution is expected to rest its case tomorrow, and that will be followed by closing arguments.

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  • C

    Anything that I would like to say about this shameless excuse for a human would never get by the censor. All I’d say is that she’s forfeited her right to live, and I wish the judicial system in the state permitted the death penalty. She deserves it.

    • Tolkas

      The defence will be happy I’m not in the jury. The baby might have died from something else. We have a winner here for the dumbest statement of the year.

  • Patrick

    this is the world we live in. I have begged the justice system to allow my children more one with me and I am denied due to false allegations by their mother…this women is responsible for the death of a helpless child. I hope the justice system serves her dead baby better than it has served mine that are living.