Photos: Injured bald eagle taken in by Grand Rapids rehab center on 9/11

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A bald eagle named "Sparta" is recovering at a local rehab center after being found severely injured in a field. 

The Wildlife Rehab Center in Grand Rapids tells FOX 17 they were alerted yesterday to a bald eagle that appeared to be injured laying out in a corn field in Sparta.  The center had one of their licensed rehabbers, Allyson Swanson, head out to Sparta to see what they could do to help.

After multiple trips out to the corn field yesterday, Swanson was able to safely get the eagle inside a carrying cage.  They tell us that "Sparta" had injuries to his body and wing.  They are unsure if the injuries were naturally occurring or if someone hurt him intentionally.

Wildlife Rehab Center says "Sparta" will need periodic rest, feeding assistance, x-rays, antibiotics and pain medication in the short term.  They are only able to hold him for up to 48 hours at their facility unless transferring him will cause more harm before that time is up. Eventually a transfer to a long-term facility will occur when Sparta is ready. Once he recovers fully, he will either be released back into the wild where they originally found him, or transported to an education center or a zoo where he will continue to receive care.

The center is fully funded by donations from the public. They are asking for donations to help get Sparta and the rest of the animals there the best care they can. If you would like to donate, you can do so on their Facebook Page or their website.

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