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Police: Teen fatally stabs love rival at Detroit-area school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WARREN, Mich. (AP) — A 17-year-old Michigan high school student could be facing a murder charge after she fatally stabbed a classmate Wednesday over a guy whom both had dated, police said.

The deadly clash between two “straight-A students” took place in a Fitzgerald High School classroom in suburban Detroit, Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said. A school resource officer immediately began life-saving procedures, but the 16-year-old victim was pronounced dead at a hospital about an hour later.

“This is truly a tragedy. … This appears to be an altercation between two students and we’re investigating to determine why this occurred,” Dwyer said.

Fitzgerald Public Schools Superintendent Laurie Fournier identified the slain girl as Danyna Gibson on the district’s website Wednesday evening. Fournier said a “vigil to remember and honor the life of Danyna” will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday on the high school’s football field.

Dwyer said the girls knew each other and had no history of trouble. He told The Associated Press the suspect was upset and disturbed when the male student broke up with her and started dating the victim, leading to her attacking her love rival. A steak knife was recovered by police.

Dwyer told reporters the school has no metal detectors.

A witness, Francesca Pascua, 17, told The Detroit News that the stabbing occurred in an economics class.

“I heard screaming, and I thought everyone was running from a bug or something,” said Pascua, who fled because, “I thought she was going to stab everybody.”

The suspect was arrested at the scene and is being held at a police lockup until the arraignment, which could happen Thursday. Dwyer said she probably will be charged with murder.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the suspect has an attorney, though she can request one at her initial court appearance. Michigan prosecutes 17-year-olds as adults in homicide cases.

The victim was on the school robotics team, student council, ran cross country and played in the marching band, Dwyer said.

The school will be closed for classes Thursday, but students and parents can come for support and assistance from counselors and psychologists. School officials said they’re conducting an internal review that will include safety procedures.

Dwyer said the school resource officer, who had been with the department for 10 years, “did everything he could to save that young girl.”

“He’s taking it very hard that he wasn’t able to save her life,” Dwyer said.

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  • JoAnne Green

    Are you truly satisfied using this picture to accompany this story? It is such a despicable way to sensationalize this tragic event.
    1. That is a picture of a hunting knife, not a steak knife (which was the actual weapon used in the attack).
    2. The knife is lying on the ground outdoors; the attack happened in a classroom in a high school. The attacker didn’t escape outdoors; neither was the weapon recovered outdoors.
    3. ***MOST IMPORTANTLY, why would you depict “blood” on the pictured knife? That is just plain gruesome and a very cheap means of making the story more titillating. Is this how you entice readers? Cheap thrills versus quality and integrity?
    This is another example of “reporting” that questions the credibility of the general integrity of the media.

  • Matt

    Seems like you two would be more concerned about the details of this story, the age of victims/perp, and the lack of human respect from the youth in our inner cities. The darn picture upsets you?!?!? Come on man!

      • Matt

        That was lost in the 3 bulletin paragraph about how the picture was so wrong for the story. And also your reply. I just figured the darn picture should be the least of the problems in this article. But your right how dare the media put a picture on the article that doesn’t fit.

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