Excessive Heat Warning Issued for West Michigan

GRPD releases bodycam video of officer shooting pit bull

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  -- The Grand Rapids Police Department has released bodycam video showing one of its officers shooting what it describes as a "loose aggressive dog chasing people". That, after outrage over the incident was expressed by some citizens on social media.

The GRPD says its officers acted properly. Because of the graphic nature of the incident, FOX 17 is not publishing the video of the shooting itself.

The GRPD did post a message and the video on its Facebook page.

The incident occurred early Friday morning in the 1700 block of Kalamazoo Avenue SE. That's south of Boston Street.

Michele's Rescue posted photos of the injured dog "Youneek" on Facebook, and so did some angry citizens, claiming the dog was not aggressive until police approached it with lights shining. But the GRPD says in a social-media post, "After 30 minutes of trying to entice/snare the dog, attempting to identify and contact an owner - including phone calls to each house - and after the dog charged at an unsuspecting neighbor exiting his house, (the) officer shot twice at the dog as it charged the officer in the street...". The name of the officer was not mentioned in the GRPD social-media post.

A GoFundMe page was set up, saying the pitbull had to undergo "emergency amputation". She initially was taken to BluePearl Veterinary Partners on Michigan Street NE for "extensive medical treatment". According to Michele's Rescue, Youneek has been transferred to Wilson Veterinary Hospital in Romeo, Michigan "to cut the costs of her surgery".

The Grand Rapids Police say "The dog is fortunately still alive and has been reunited with its owner."


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  • Pete

    A GoFundme was set up for the dog. People have lost their minds with animals. Of course it seems common sense is a thing of the past now. How about doing the right thing, take that GoFundMe page down, and send the money to the Red Cross for the hurricane efforts. It’s a sad day in our society when people put animals above human life and hold animals to the same value or as in many cases above human life.

  • Old Bob

    It is indeed sad when a police office can’t outsmart a dog. With all the lights and confusion in the area, sure the dog was excited. The dog didn’t have a vicious stance. The officer was wrong and should be disciplined.

    • Michael

      According to the officer’s department he acted properly. That would indicate YOU are wrong. Discipline yourself however you see fit.

  • Unslaved

    Pizza delivery guys deal with the same dogs, but more frequently, and they don’t have to shoot every dog that gets close to them. Cops are cowards.

        • Michael

          It had about as much contribution as your comment.

          I’ll clarify. Law enforcement shoots to stop the threat- they do NOT shoot to kill. It doesn’t matter what size gun he uses the goal isn’t to kill what he’s shooting at. The preferred outcome is for whatever the officer shoots to live.

  • Matt

    Pit bull lives matter! The only problem here is the officers aim. They were called because of a loose aggressive dog! What should they have done? Bring squeaky toys and dog treats? How bout a k9 unit and have a dog fight in the street? HE DID HE JOB. The owner should have done theirs!

        • Michael

          Police train to shoot at the largest mass available. On a dog that wouldn’t be headshots. In addition they don’t shoot to kill. They shoot to stop the threat. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog,human, or anything else they don’t want to kill anything. Yes death can be the result but anytime an officer is forced to fire his weapon the preferred outcome is for the target to live.

  • JMG

    Shoot my dog and you will be sued if it cost me everything I have and can borrow. However she is trained in defence she doesn’t move till I say and we live in the country deep in the woods and I fenced about an acer right outside the back door. Even our husky has never tried to run ( like most do unless they have enough space and or get long walks on the deer trails ( no I don’t hunt, in fact more deer hide here during hunting season than the usual 10 to twenty I see here every day. One nice monster buck even allowed me to scratch his ears once. But to my point, I’ve know the meanest pit known to man ( some jerk was dog fighting him ) and a friend liberated him and once he knew those days were past he was the sweetest dog. I assume the wyoming PD is still ignoring dog fighting. The scale of the dog fighting in the GR area is huge. Its not the dog its the worthless real animals that force them to fight. By the way the aforementioned mentioned pit got a new name, Max. He lived the remainder of his life like a king in peace.

    • Michael

      The nice part about being a police officer is governmental immunity. You can try to sue but even if you use every last dime to your name it’s the city that pays the attorney bills for the officer.

      We aren’t talking about an officer that came into someone’s fenced in yard to shoot the dog. This officer had a catch pole trying to catch the loose dog . The officer, despite no obligation to do so, actually retreated all the way across the street when the dog gave chase. It’s only when the dog continued to give chase when the officer shot.

      Completely justified shooting.

  • Sillyoldme

    A gofundme account for a human who refuses to take responsibility for their aggressive out of control pet running wild… Why am I not shocked? The only unfortunate thing in this matter is that
    The officer missed. This animal will be in the news again when it disfigures the next person who can’t get away. It’s unfortunate that this person is allowed to have a pet!

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