Four charged with conspiring to abduct, assault and kill child

LANSING, Mich. – Four people from southwest Michigan have been charged with conspiracy to kidnap a child and abuse that child until their death.

Attorney General Bill Schuette announced the charges agains David Bailey, 37, of Coldwater, Matthew Toole, 32, of Battle Creek, Talia Furman, 32, of Springfield and Jayme LaPointe, 19, of Athens. The four are charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping and Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct, 1st degree.  All the charges carry possible terms of life in prison if convicted.

Authorities say the four were plotting to kidnap a young child at a local county fair and torture and sexually assault the child until they died, and then dispose of the body.

All four are in custody and awaiting arraignment.


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  • steve

    If they’re guilty, it makes me sick to my stomach that these four should live at all, much less for years. Cases like this make me wish Michigan could permit the death penalty and that it be carried out after an abbreviated time on death row.

  • SM

    What is wrong with people these days?? Why I God’s name would anyone ever want to harm or kill an innocent child? They won’t get what they deserve unless someone in prison takes care of them nasty, heartless sons of *#tches!!

  • Wanda

    I hope they rot in prison!!! I don’t understand what’s gotten in to people they have just gotten just pure evil and sick minded !! I can’t stand all this craziness !! SMH 😠

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