Gov. Snyder mulling use of National Guard for road projects

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Rick Snyder is looking at the possible activation of National Guard heavy equipment operators as an option to resume road projects stalled by a lockout.

Snyder spokesman Ari Adler tells The Detroit News for a story Thursday that the work stoppage will put motorists' safety "at risk this winter" and that the governor "is looking at what options are available to finish projects as quickly as possible."

Adler says another option would be withholding payments for contractors on the projects.

A contract between the Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association and the Operating Engineers 324 union expired June 1. Work continued until the lockout came Sept. 4.

Last week, Snyder said Michigan's Transportation department and other agencies have limited legal authority because the dispute is between contractors and their employees.

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  • Unslaved

    Voluntaryist: Government contracts waste money and they have to rob you, the tax payer, to complete them.
    “Normal person”: But who will build the roads?!

    Insert punchline here…

  • J.B.

    Everything we pay for..we pay for 5X over…and how criminally substandard work gets done and the money wasted.
    State..not out fault…MDOT..not our fault…Contractor..not our fault..Subcontractor..not our fault..Unions..not out fault..
    But every one of these dirtbags has “already” has been paid for it.
    Now we need to pay the national guard to do it? SMFH…

  • Kate Oneill

    How can it be legal for a company to walk out and away from a government job and hold the citizens of Michigan in hostage? The should be given an ultimatum and hire another company who wants to work. I know alot of Michigan road jobs had to wait until early fall as the companies were just to busy since when are we over the barrel. Its a joke give us our money back and find a company who want to work, the best thing to come of this is to show the companies who have labor problems we dont need them and the companies who are willing to get the job done before snow flies the job its doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this out. The get a bonus each day the job is completed early why not penalize them for each day the job isnt completed as stated in their contract?

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