Whitmer calls for GOP to pull Nassar ad

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Michigan’s Democratic candidate for governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is calling on the state Republican Party to stop running a digital ad that accuses her of not prosecuting serial sexual abuser Larry Nassar.

A tearful Whitmer held a news conference Friday with some local prosecutors and Nassar victims. She says she is a rape survivor herself and that the ad is “a lie.”
She says no one should politicize child sexual abuse for their gain.

Her Republican opponent, state Attorney General Bill Schuette, is airing separate TV ads in which the parents of a Nassar victim praise his work to convict the disgraced former sports doctor.

Whitmer was Ingham County’s interim prosecutor in 2016. She says it was better to let Schuette’s office bring the sexual assault charges because Nassar’s crimes extended across multiple jurisdictions.

The state GOP isn’t backing down. It says the ad “correctly” states that Whitmer had the opportunity to prosecute Nassar but failed to do so.

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  • C

    A “tearful” Whitmer dropped the ball and she knows it. MSU is in Ingham Couty, and any of the crimes would have been in her jurisdiction and she knows it. The tears, even if real, are nothing more than a sympathy ploy.


    If she’s going to tear up over this how in the heck is she going to handle an even tougher crisis? I’m in no way denouncing what happened – to her or Nassars’s victims. She should know politics is the dirtiest and nastiest of them all.

  • James Foley

    The dimmicruds are using a teenaged (at the time) Professor Ford to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct on the basis of “I cant remember when and I can’t remember where because i was so drunk” from a binge drunk.

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