Amway losing 2 Michigan plants

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Amway HQ globe

ADA, Mich. — Amway is closing two of its West Michigan plants by the end of 2019.

Both plants are located at Amway’s headquarters in Ada.

Company officials say the plants will close to focus on the company’s highest growth areas such as, supplements and protein powder in its nutrition product line.

No employees will lose their jobs due to the closures.

However, there are plans to repurpose the facilities, but officials haven’t said what it’ll be just yet.

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  • Papa

    “No employees will lose their jobs due to the closures.”
    The vast majority of the plant workers are temporary hires, who don’t count as employees.

    • Bill

      I am sure that you have some statistics to back your statement up? I am a contractor, who frequently performs work at several Amway facilities, and many other companies. All the factories i visit bring in temp workers, if they show up and perform as expected for 90 days, they hired in, some benefits, and a little better pay.
      One company has to bring in 10 temps to find one that can make it 90 days. And are starving for people.
      Amway is a great place, I like going there, well run, very clean and safe, and the people who work there always seem happy, and motivated.
      Just my two cents, I am sure you know much more about this than I do, maybe you work there?

      • Papa

        This is totally my opinion as a keen observer, nothing more. I have no skin in this game, just making observations. It is a conveyor effect. Even promising temps get laid off before their 90 days, maybe not in every circumstance but enough to affect your 10/1 ratio. It’s a ruthless business practice. They hire temps to cover a period of time that may be particularly busy, then are sure to lay them off prior to 90 days so they will not be eligible for benefits. Then the process starts over, like waves coming in on the beach. The only ones getting hired are the ones with family relations within the corp, or those with extraordinary work history or talents. You have to admit that nepotism is alive and well there. In my opinion, Amway is an enormous ponzi scheme. Hierarchical sales teirs, and very ‘culty’ onboarding for potential new distributors. Some work instructions and production expectations are unattainable. Why can’t you purchase Amway products at retail stores? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that their Chinese facilities will take up any production shortcomings lost by closing the Ada plants. The business practices are ruthless, hid behind a facade of cultural team building. In my opinion, if anywhere needed unionized employee representation, it is Amway.
        The new Ada facelift looks nice though, I do enjoy going there from time to time.

        • thenetworkbeginner

          I’ve been working as a temp-to-hire for many years. The system involves three parties: The Client, who is always blameless .. The Agency, that keeps temporary employees retained and never “fires”, per say .. and the Employee, who is always desperate for work.

          Two of these parties benefit significantly, while the third languishes. The system should be regulated to provide some real benefit to the employees, such as training in order to keep from perpetuating socio-economic issues.

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