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Kent County veterinarian’s ‘Vote Republican’ sign outside clinic getting attention

WALKER, Mich. -- A Kent County veterinarian is getting some attention for a sign hanging outside of  his business. While not everyone agrees with it, it’s definitely got people talking.

Dr. James Kelley at Kelley's Animal Clinic in Walker says he put the banner up last week. It reads “Vote Republican, most pets will.”  That sign is getting some mixed reviews from people on social media, but the doctor is standing by his decision and his candidates.

Kelley has had his veterinary practice in Walker almost 50 years. The photos on the wall show how things have stayed the same, minus one new addition.

"Because of all of the political stuff that's going on, I decided that I was going to do something and that’s basically what we said, so we went down and had the sign made," said Kelley.

Kelley hung up the banner last week in support of the newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He says most reviews have been positive.

"There’s a few of them that say, 'Oh no that’s not good, and we’re not going to use you as a service anymore', but 95 percent of them like the sign.”

One of those people who don’t like the sign posted on Facebook. The Grand Rapids resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he was disappointed to see them taking a political stance. He says it's in bad taste and isn’t smart for business.

That same resident says he’ll be taking his business elsewhere, but Dr. Kelley doesn’t mind.

"If they want to judge me for what my views are, so be it," said Kelley.

Kelley says the 16 employees working at his clinic don’t care about the sign. He says he’s a Navy veteran who loves his country and hopes other people can also be proud to express their political beliefs without judging him for his.

"We’re a good clinic," said Kelley. "We’ve been here for 49 years. I have many, many clients and I don’t care what their political views are, that’s none of my business and they shouldn’t care what mine are either. I’m displaying my view just like you can go down the road and look at all the signs that are out there.”

Kelley says he’ll keep the sign up through the election in November, then will likely put it back up again for the next election.

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  • Kevin Rahe

    Businesses letting people know where they stand on matters and refusing to cooperate in the promotion of things they disagree with are the new normal.

      • Kevin Rahe

        Various bakers, photographers and florists asked to cooperate in the promotion of same-gender unions when they don’t agree that such relationships should be promoted, for one.

      • Kevin Rahe

        And GoFundMe revoking campaigns for certain people it disagrees with (e.g. Fr. Kalchik currently), and Kickstarter doing similarly (e.g. pulling a funding campaign for the Gosnell movie coming out this week).

    • Jonathan Kurek

      Well that’s news to me and my cat. He’s been my vet for 30+ years, and always treated ALL my animals with excellent care and concern. Go spread your lies elsewhere.

  • Sick of the crap

    Good for you, Dr. Kelly. Fly it proudly. It is your RIGHT! If the others can get on your face (voilently at times) and claim 1st Amendment Right, so can YOU! Thank you for your service to our Country and to our pets! 👍

    • Wing#1

      Biggest rip off dr. I went to. Visited once and Never going back.staff and himself are incompetent and arrogant and over priced

      • Robert E Lee

        you must be a super intelligent progressive? LOL! like your opinion matters LOL! The staff is incompetent compared to you??? LOL silly liberal!!!

  • Unslaved

    At some point in history, voting may have been able to steer the wheel of this car we’re riding in. Now, voting has absolutely no effect on the steering wheel and this car is headed for a cliff. You can keep voting and ride with the car over the cliff, or jump out while you still have a chance.

    • Matt

      If we’re going over a cliff I’m gonna lock the doors and take you with me. Maybe the police could help you…..oh wait your black so they dont help you. Smh

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