Food Fight Fridays: East Kentwood High School

KENTWOOD, Mich. --  FOX 17 took 'Food Fight Fridays' to East Kentwood High School this week to see just how many donations they could raise.

This week all donations collected are going to 'The Pantry' and East Kentwood is hosting a stuff the bus event for them Saturday, October 12th from 9am - 2pm at the Family Fare on Kalamazoo ave. to collect even more food.

The winner at the end of the year will win the FOX 17 Food Fight Fridays cup and will get to keep it in their halls for the following school year.

Last week Thornapple Kellogg raised 7,899 pounds of food, which is more than 6,500 meals. That puts them in the lead so far!

The total amount East Kentwood High School raised is..6,992 lbs of food! This puts them in second place behind Thornapple Kellogg.

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