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More parents buying signs saying ‘Don’t touch my baby’

Image from product available on Amazon.com

FOX 17 – Cold and flu season is coming and some parents of newborns are taking a new approach to keeping them healthy.

They are posting signs on car seats and strollers telling people to stay away.

The DailyMail is reporting that signs ranging in price from $4.00 to over $11.00 are showing up on Amazon and Etsy for sale.  Some are more blunt than others.

Children under the age of six months cannot get the flu vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also notes that children under two years old who come down with the flu are at a high risk for serious health complications.

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1 Comment

  • Mac Woods

    Brilliant marketing. First, generate fear. Second, introduce a product which is utterly useless against the perceived issue, but which is emotionally charged and allegedly clever. Sell to anyone governed by their emotions.

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