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Family files lawsuit against Ottawa County, GVSU police

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - The family of a Grand Valley student killed in a murder-suicide said police chose to protect her killer leading up to her death.

The parents of Rosemarie Reilly spoke with FOX 17 Monday at their attorney's office in Royal Oak, Michigan. The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department and the GVSU Department of Public Safety.

Rosemarie was killed in November 2016 in the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids by her ex-boyfriend Jeremy Kelley, who then took his own life.

John and Pamela Reilly said the tragedy could have been prevented if the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department and the GVSU Department of Public Safety acted on reports of Kelley's behavior.

"It was a tortuous process that took about a month of him stalking her [and] dozens and dozens of violations of the personal protection order that were reported to the authorities," attorney Jim Rasor said. "They did nothing."

He added, "You'll be shocked to know that in this case there's a violent crime that was committed, domestic violence with a gun, and a young lady's nose was broken... that they chose to mail, mail the arrest warrant [to Jeremy Kelley]."

"I told them how many guns he had," Pamela Reilly said. "I told them what kind of guns he had and they ... nothing. They blew me off."

The Reilly's say police repeatedly ignored their complaints of Kelley's threats to hurt himself and kill their daughter.

Rasor and the family believe police failed to arrest Kelley because his father was a Bloomfield Township police officer.

"I think the officers chose to protect a colleague's son rather than protect a victim," Rasor said. "Jeremy's father accused Jeremy of lying, accused Rosemarie of lying, [and] didn't believe that his son was capable of these acts," Rasor added.

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  • tired of the crap

    Like a bucket of money will bring back her daughter.. This is just pathetic and sad all the way around – I can’t understand how someone thinks that bringing a lawsuit will fix the problem – it won’t. And a bucket of money won’t buy justice either.

    • Mac Woods

      Well Crap, that isn’t the point here. The point is, authorities were notified multiple times of his threats, his weapons, his repeated violation of PPO, and the failure of the vaunted law enforcement to do anything about it. They aren’t trying to get rich. They are attempting to force accountability. I mean, they followed the law. PPO. Police reports. And they did nothing. We are constantly hearing the sermon about letting the police handle it. Let the court handle it. Evidently, this guy was undeterred by a little piece of paper which instructed him against contact, and also seemed to have an above average amount of consideration from law enforcement because of the position of his old man. Wouldn’t want to embarrass a brother by arresting his criminal son and charging him with anything. So let’s wait until he murders someone, and then turns the gun on himself to avoid justice. I feel silly having to explain this to you, but clearly, you missed the point.

    • Tired of Morons who are Tired of the Crap

      Its called Punishment. MONEY is the Only thing anyone cares about, it more important the the Law, Life or Freedom. Like your post proves its all about the money to you, someones getting money and not you. People like you are the reason everything in our Politics, Government and Law is so messed up. Tired of the Crap? Tired of the Lazy ignorant selfish people like you

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