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Commissioner calls out GRPD on detaining family on Batavia Place

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Kent County Commissioner Robert S. Womack told FOX 17 the detaining of a Grand Rapids family by police, including the handcuffing of a 12-year-old, wouldn't fly in certain communities.

“They will not do this in East Grand Rapids. They will not do this in Ada. The Grand Rapids police wouldn’t do this in certain affluent areas in Grand Rapids," Womack said.

He doubled down on his Facebook comment that elicited public response from Grand Rapids police chief David Rahisnky. Following policy or not, Womack believes bias was at play and that race and socioeconomic status were factors.

"I'm kind of wondering why Chief Rahinsky is mad at me when he should be mad at the person who made that [911] call and put his officers and that family in danger, because if the police tried to march my mother out of the house backwards, my father wouldn't've had it," he said.

Womack said bogus 911 calls seem to becoming a trend nationwide, and he'd like to see the caller in this case held accountable for their actions.

"I don't believe in people putting the police or those families in that situation because I care about the police, and I care about the families," he said.

The commissioner added, "Me, the chief and the police... we work for these taxpayers. So we owe them the topmost respect and protection."

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  • Wings #1

    Get off your high horse. The Police were following Procedure and following Policy.
    The Police would do the samething if they were in those Other areas.
    Shame on you for making those statements. You should resign as I can see you can not be non bias. Stop pulling the race card.

  • J

    I bet if he was in danger he would be the first one to scream help me and lock up those people no matter age or color. They followed protocol and did what they should and needed too not one person was hurt and a few seconds in cuffs is no big deal for the safety of the men and women who place their life’s on the line for us daily. I have an 11 yr old son and if that happened to him I’m okay with it. Stop looking for a free pay day I’m over this crap.

  • J

    Oh and jesses Jackson jr. here I haven’t seen him at my buddies funeral last week you know the hard working father and husband of two little girls when some life long black criminal took his life very easy to be a Monday morning quarterback be straight across the board that’s all I ask stop playing the race card every damn chance you can

  • steve

    Again, the censor’s at it again. Tell me, as well as other commenters, what I said that warranted throwing my words into the trash. Please put your reasoning into words for us.

  • Reginal Denny

    What a total p.o.s. commissioner. Good thing he has the backbone to stand up for his police force. Lol
    I don’t know who sign his paychecks but they should make last weeks his last.
    Get rid of this clown.

  • BD

    Any Law Enforcement agency would do this if they thought the kid was a threat or suspect. A 12 year old can shoot and kill someone just as easy and quick as a 25 year old. Well done officers. Sorry the commissioner is a coward.

  • Unslaved

    Wearing a badge doesn’t give you the right to violently control another human being, even if the vast majority of people think otherwise. Violence can only breed chaos. Order comes from reverence for rights. Keep doing the wrong thing (allowing police to violently control other humans) and you’ll keep getting chaotic consequences (a society built on violence).

  • Sharky

    This jerk needs to go, it’s time to remove him from office. Every thing he says widens the gap between blacks and every other race in the city. People are tired of anyone playing the black card.

  • LoveTheUSA

    Deleted again for stating the truth.
    This is a giant nothing burger, he is only dragging this crap up, because he is a racist, and it’s election time.
    These police likely saved this girl from harm, WHILE protecting themselves from harm WHILE responding to a shooting call.
    To beat this drum is pure racism.

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