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Bus driver filmed breaking multiple traffic laws with special needs students on board

GREENSBORO, N.C. - A school bus carrying students in North Carolina was filmed committing multiple dangerous traffic violations on Wednesday afternoon.

Lance Parker was driving inĀ Guilford County when his dash cam recorded the bus driver failing to use a turn signal and merging into a left turn lane at the last second to turn onto Summit Avenue.

Minutes later, the bus ran a red light.

At 4:59 p.m., Parker filmed the bus failing to stop at a stop sign when it turned right from Ball Street onto Ridgewood Avenue.

In total, three traffic violations in a matter of minutes.

The bus is not a Guilford County Schools bus. A GCS spokesperson said the bus was contracted out from the company First Student.

First Student said the driver has been on the job for a year and is a good driver with no other complaints. However, they said student safety is their first priority and that the driver has been fired. The GCS spokesperson said the bus was taking special needs students home from Kiser Middle and Oak Ridge Elementary schools when the violations were filmed.

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1 Comment

  • Mac Woods

    So……….The fact that the students aboard this bus happen to be special needs, any accident owing to the driver’s carelessness would have somehow been more tragic in the event of a fatality, and the driver somehow more depraved? So kids who are not special needs aren’t worth as much? Well, certainly not as much if generating a breathless headline is your business. Seriously. The mental or physical limitations of these kids (or any kids) is actually irrelevant. The driver broke the law. But breaking the law while driving special needs kids doesn’t somehow make it worse.

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