Developer proposing 13-story “flat-iron” shaped Residence Inn hotel in downtown Grand Rapids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- On Tuesday night, the Grand Rapids City Commission heard public comment regarding The Hinman Company's proposal to build a 14-story building at 10 Ionia Northwest.

Right now, it's a parking lot.

Initially, it was suggested to be a 42-story skyscraper. Now, the developer is asking to build a 14 story building, with the first floor being retail space. On top of that would be a Residence Inn Marriot.

Historically, a very similar building used to be in that same spot, measuring 12 stories high.  Initially built as a factory in the early 1900s, the property also served as a parking structure for the Morton Hotel.

Because of the industrial background of the property, there are challenges with building at that location, aside from the shape of the land.

“The old building has its old foundation and structures located still on the sites, so those have to be removed,”  said Rich Mcdonald of The Hinman Company.

That's why Hinman is asking for a Brownfield Plan Amendment. They're requesting 2.2 million dollars be reimbursed by the city over the next 15 years for the development.

Not everyone is happy with that idea.

“If he wants to buy the property, that’s what’s on the property. And he can fund it. Because all of the property is his, and nothing will go to the city,” Grand Rapids resident Martha Cooper said during public comment. “Like if you bought a house with a bad tree in the yard, it comes with the property.”

In terms of parking for the new hotel, Hinman already owns the structure at 30 Ionia. There are 156 parking spaces there that they intend to use for guests at the hotel. The hotel will have 146 rooms. However, the developer says they estimate only 110 parking spaces will needed to meet hotel guest needs.

The Planning Commission also approved a walkway to be built so guests can get from the parking structure to the hotel lobby on the second floor.

The developer hopes to start construction in December of this year with the City Commission's approval. They anticipate the hotel would be finished by mid 2020.

The commission hasn't voted on this yet, and we will continue to update you with information on this story once a decision is made.

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  • Sillyoldme

    No tax break, no clean up break. This developer wants the land and also all the profits that it will generate, than, they need no break, unless perhaps they are going to pay the city back with profits?

    So, another DeVos hotel?

  • Iamct01

    That’s prime property, no tax breaks. Start acting like this city is great and in demand. They should also pay over asking like a good number of new home owners in GR area.

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