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Construction to begin on Ottawa County-owned marina

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich.-- Some changes are coming to a county-owned marina after funding has been approved.

Officials in Ottawa County say the project is an effort to bring more boaters to Holland.

The Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the project, meaning construction will begin early next week.

County officials accepted a nearly $2 million bid for the project.

The plan is to build a 41-slip marina, kayak launch and a building for people to use on-site. 15 of them would be seasonal, but won’t likely be usable until Memorial Day of next year.

This property used to be privately owned by Parkside Marina but county officials decided not to renew their lease and instead make it a county-run marina, with significantly less seasonal slips.

While some are not happy about the move, county officials are hopeful this will bring more tourists to Ottawa County.

Once the project is complete, the estimated amount to be brought in each year is more than $100,000 from slip fees.

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  • Scratching My Head

    From nearly 80 seasonal slips down to 15,,, sounds like the county is inviting less boaters to the party. Attract visitors? Do they really think that many transient boats will desire a slip there? Maybe some smaller boats that nearby campers bring, but the old marina with smaller docks had space for and better serviced them. The bigger boat owners will want a place near town with amenities such as fuel, restaurants, shopping and pool/ recreation rooms. That is the reason most travelling boaters skip Holland for ports like Grand Haven, Saugatuck and South Haven- not lack of transient slips. And $100k of revenue per season? Hardly covers operating costs, let alone the money the county is short in grants for the initial construction. Seems like this will end up to be nothing more than an expensive waterside park that costs taxpayers more money than the usage the public gets out of it is worth. Why replace a viable business that ran for more than 60 years and met a segment of the local boating community’s needs through supply and demand?

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