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Food Fight Fridays: Otsego High School

OTSEGO, Mich. -- We continued our 'Food Fight Fridays' and made our way out to Otsego High School.

All the food collected this week will go towards the Otsego Christmas Basket Project. The students have also been working to raise toys for this drive as well. The community can donate all the way up to November 6th.

Students and staff really pulling together to make it all possible, so far all the schools we've gone to have collected more than 28 thousand pounds of food.

The total amount collected from Otsego is 1,300 lbs!

So far Thornapple Kellogg is in the lead with FOX 17 'Food Fight Fridays' collecting more than 7,000 lbs of food.

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  • Annoyed

    It’s unfortunate Otsego school kids don’t know what, “no soliciting” on the door means. I heard one kid ask, “does that mean us?” when another said, “No”.

    Yes it means you!

    • Lisa

      Dear annoyed: the only thing annoying is you. I imagine that other than you…99.9% of our businesses and households here in Otsego do not mind and look forward to the students coming around town to collect for the canned food drive every year. “No soliciting” sign or not. Keep it up kids!! You’re doing great things. The student council puts a lot of effort and time into this every year.

      • Annoyed

        Private property owners should be able to control who comes to their houses.

        FYI door to door solicitation in violation of a sign is against the law in Otsego. It’s not just once a year. The football team does it, then the band, then the school as a whole. Don’t forget the post office and their can drive, the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and religious fanatics and it ends up being a nonstop parade of people.

        If only there was a polite way to to tell people you dont want them to come to your door……..oh wait there is! Please listen to the sign- it’s not there for decoration.

        • Marco

          Annoyed: Maybe you should try a “No Trespassing” sign and cancel all your subscriptions, and then don’t answer the door?
          Kids, I’d stay away from this house, they may have a gun.

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