2 girls suspended after dressing as Columbine shooters on Halloween

ADAIR COUNTY, Ky. – Two high school students in Kentucky took Halloween to a whole new level.

The two girls in Adair County, about 120 miles south of Louisville, decided to dress up as Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the two teenagers who carried out the Columbine High School massacre in 1999.

The girls probably didn’t get the reaction they wanted.

After their photo went viral on Halloween, the girls were suspended from school for three days, according to CNN affiliate WLEX-TV. The photo showed the girls on the floor in the school’s library, WLEX reported, which mimicked the eerie photo of the two Columbine shooters after they killed themselves in the Columbine library.

Pamela Stephens, Adair County superintendent, said in a statement to CNN the county takes the situation very seriously.

“Our personnel are continuing to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding this matter,” the statement read. “The suspension for the two students has been extended as we continue the investigation.”

The father of one of the girls told WLEX the duo acknowledges they made a mistake, but says the school blew the whole situation out of proportion. The father also told WLEX the girls have received death threats.

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  • lml25

    Bad taste,but supposedly we have a country that espouses free speech and expression.Democrats will change that to “actions that are only pre-approved by the likes of Kamala Harris,Oprah,Holder,Cortez,Waters” etc.Disobey and you will lose your job or other civil liberties that they’ll decide on.They’re trying now–and tgey’re not even in power.Many people fired from jobs for little reason except it was the PC thing to do.Do not vote Democratic.

    • Michelle Brandt

      Absolutely AGREE! The 1st Amendment protects EVEN speech we don’t agree with! People need to grow a spine and quit being so offended! VOTE RED! DEFEND YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!

  • Michael

    “the constitutional rights of students in public school are not automatically coextensive with the rights of adults in other settings.”

    Bethel School District. No. 403 v. Fraser, 1986

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