Robotics group giving mobility to twins with Cerebral Palsy

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- A high school-level robotics group is working on a project aimed at giving mobility to a set of young twin boys.

The Muskegon Area Robotics Students (MARS) have partnered with M.I. Kids on the Move for their most recent project.  M.I. Kids on the Move works to find robotics group around the state that can help families that have children living with special needs.  MARS is working now to modify a Power Wheels jeep so that a set of boys living with Cerebral Palsy can get back to playing with one of their favorite toys. 

The group will fix a broken jeep the family already owns, but is also looking to purchase a second vehicle they can modify for the boys.  Anyone that would like to help support their cause can donate here.

Group President Mike Gerstweiler said Saturday, "this is 100% run by the kids. We are going to present them with the opportunities, but we want them to do as much of the design and development and research as they can."

The goal of the program is for the kids to design, build and program the robots on their own.

"We've done a number of outreach projects... We try to stay involved with the community. So that we don't just take from the community, but also give back," says Gerstweiler.

You can donate to MARS and help them complete this project here.  Find more information about what they do at their website.

Information regarding M.I. Kids on the Move can be found at their website.

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