Winter Weather Advisories Continue

Accumulating snow possible by next weekend

Get the shovels ready, set the salt bag out on the porch, fill the cars up with wiper fluid, and throw the snow brushes back in the trunk. The frozen mess is coming...eventually!

Typically, West Michigan's first accumulating snowfall happens in November, and in recent years it has come around the second or third week of the month. In fact in Grand Rapids, the average first snowfall of .10" is November 7. We usually see one inch around November 20, and our first three inch snowfall typically occurs on December 3.

Guess what? It is becoming increasingly likely that some snow may be on the ground within the next week.

Models are keying in on a few days later this week for snow to fall. We will probably make it out of Wednesday and Thursday okay with just a drop or flake, but light accumulations are possible as we head into Friday and perhaps beyond. Cold air will filter into the Great Lakes this week and a frontal system will slide through the area on Friday. It will be cold enough to support some minor accumulating snow on Friday with lake-effect snow showers behind the system as we move in to Monday and beyond next week.

Make sure to get the complete West Michigan forecast at

[MODEL #1: Chance of snow Late Thursday into Friday, with lake-effect snow showers after]

[MODEL #2: Chance of area-wide snow holds off until late Friday, with lake-effect snow showers before & after]

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