Excessive Heat Warning Issued for West Michigan

Police: Students eat marijuana-laced brownies at Wyoming Jr. High

WYOMING, Mich. - Police are investigating how students at Wyoming Junior High School came to eat marijuana-laced brownies on Friday.

Police were notified of the incident on Friday and say they are working with school staff regarding the incident.

Parents telling FOX 17 that they didn't hear anything about the situation until they showed up at the school, panicked, when their children didn't come home on the school bus at around 3:30.

The mothers asked we keep their names and faces anonymous, fearing for possible repercussions for their children.

Their main concern with this situation, is why they weren't notified when their children wouldn't be coming home from school.

“The problem I have is the minute my daughter was not being put on the bus, I should have received a phone call,” one mother said.

One mom says her child ate the brownie at around 11:30. A police report was filed at around 2:30.  This mother saying that hour of worrying, until finding her daughter at the school around 3:30, felt like an eternity.

“I said you handled this wrong. I have been looking for my daughter. You should have called me,” one mother said.

Wyoming Public Schools issued FOX 17 this statement:

"Student safety is a top priority in our District. Actions that threaten the safety of our students are taken seriously and will not be tolerated.

Late Friday afternoon we were informed of an incident at Wyoming Junior High.This incident is currently under investigation and appropriate action will be taken once the investigation has been closed. All involved in the incident are juveniles and no additional information will be released." - Wyoming Public Schools Superintendent Craig Hoekstra


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