Marijuana referendum opposition concedes defeat

DETROIT (AP) — The primary opposition group to Michigan’s ballot initiative on whether to legalize recreational marijuana has conceded defeat.

Healthy and Productive Michigan said in a statement Tuesday night that “our side lost” the measure that if approved will make the state the first in the Midwest to legalize its sale and use. The group adds “the level of responsibility … now rests on the shoulders of those who have voted Yes.”

Opponents say legalizing marijuana would lead to increased use by children, drug abuse and car crashes. Supporters say it will raise roughly $130 million in additional tax revenue each year that will go toward road repairs, schools and local governments.

The Associated Press has not called the race.

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  • Dary Allen

    Did you think we heard enough stories about children accidentally ingesting drugs before? Just wait until the careless mj smokers leave their left overs on the tables within reach of children and pets. Bad enough the alcohol drinkers have been doing it for years. This will just add to the already existing problems. I have all the sympathy in the world for the true medical marijuana users.

  • Gabe Mbydapussie

    All drugs should be legal. Who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do with my body. If I go out and do something like driving while under the influence, or start fights or expose myself, that is when it breaks a law.

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