‘My vote counts’: 82-year-old Texas woman dies after voting for first time

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – An 82-year-old Texas great-grandmother cast an early ballot Thursday – her first ever – just days before she died.

Gracie Lou Phillips had dedicated her life to raising a large family, granddaughter Leslie Rene Moore told KXAS, and had grown up with misconceptions about voting.

But this year she was determined to vote in the midterm election.

“She finally registered to vote for the first time in her life,” Moore said. “She kept telling everybody ‘I’m voting. I’m going to vote this year and my vote counts.’”

Moore wrote on Facebook that her grandmother proved that voting is important “no matter your age.”

Despite being in hospice while fighting pneumonia, Phillips headed to the polls in Grand Prairie with the help of her granddaughter, who told CBS that poll workers, upon seeing her grandmother’s oxygen tank, brought the ballot out and covered the vehicle’s windows so the 82-year-old could vote without leaving the car.

Four days after voting, Phillips died in her sleep. She was at home with family, Moore told Time. She said in a Facebook post that she will “hold dear the memories and lessons that she gave me over the years.”

“I have learned from my Grannie how important voting is and that there is no excuse not to do so. I have voted … have you?” Moore posted on Facebook Monday.


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