Stabenow wins 4th Senate term

DETROIT (AP) — Democrat Debbie Stabenow of Michigan has a fourth term in the Senate, defeating Republican challenger John James.

Stabenow campaigned as a pragmatic lawmaker who forges bipartisan agreement despite the partisan rancor in Washington. She cited her work shaping farm legislation and pushing a new law that allows pharmacists to tell consumers when they can save on prescriptions by paying cash instead of using insurance.

The 68-year-old Stabenow, of Lansing, criticized Trump’s attempt to slash federal funding for the Great Lakes. She said James would have been an unabashed enthusiast of President Donald Trump with no governing experience.

Trump won Michigan in 2016 and called James, a black combat veteran and business executive, “a star” candidate.

Click here for full election results

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  • C

    Stabenow is nothing more than a Democrat robot. When an issue comes up for a vote, she’ll do exactly what she’s told. She’s critical of John James’ lack of “governing experience”? She ought to try to gain some herself. Just showing up for photo ops just doesn’t count.


    The joker got us again. It’s exhausting watching these career politicians, Dems and Reps – telling us how they will fight for us, represent us.. then do NOTHING of the sort….
    The “do as I say, not as I do” has to stop.

  • Erin

    Love Debbie Stabenow!!! She is a workhorse for the people of our beautiful state!!Ty Debbie for your continued service!! Erin Reynolds Family