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MI becomes first Midwest state to legalize recreational marijuana

MICHIGAN -- Voters have spoken and the proposition to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan has been approved.

Under the measure, it will be regulated like alcohol and only be allowed to be used by people in the privacy of their own homes.

It will come with a 10% tax, and will only be available to people ages 21 and older.

Supporters estimate proposition one will bring in roughly $130,000,000 in tax revenue each year.

One group opposed to the proposition is Healthy and Productive Michigan, who says responsibility now rests on the shoulders of those who voted 'yes.'

Michigan is now one of ten states that allow recreational use of the substance, including California, Colorado, and Washington, D.C.

The law will likely take effect after the Board of Canvassers verify votes in December.

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  • Kevin Rahe

    Anyone who uses marijuana should be treated like someone who uses alcohol only to get drunk. There has to be something wrong in the head of those who think it’s a good thing for the government to tell our kids that this substance is A-OK to use.

    • Mr Happy

      Oh right Kevin, because that’s the government’s job… if it was, then they’ve been failing miserably by permitting tobacco products since the country’s inception. If you don’t like to smoke or drink, then don’t do it. Oh, and educate your children on the risks. Boom. Problem solved.

      • Kevin Rahe

        My grandpa used tobacco (the smoldering variety) most of his life. He never inhaled and never had any ill effects from it – he lived to age 92. And tobacco doesn’t have anything like the effect of marijuana even if it is inhaled. Most people who use alcohol do so equally innocuously. There is no parallel between those substances and marijuana.

    • Kevin Rahe

      I will qualify that my prior comment refers only to the recreational use of the drug, not the use of it to treat an adverse medical condition.

    • Mrs.420

      Roflmao, weed is a hell of a lot better for u then alcohol just saying, u can function on pot atleast. Alcohol u get sloppy and annoying and usually pass out drunk, potheads don’t get like that. And if u don’t do pot then I don’t expect u to know or understand, and pot gets used for medical purpose and has saved a lot of people I know, or prolonged thier life, I’m pretty sure Alcahol ain’t doing that unless u drink antifreeze… alcahol had been legal for years and yet it is 1 of the most dangerous drugs when u think about it(esp more dangerous then pot) and yet they still sell it.. it’s the ONLY drug u can die drinking to much, and die from detox from it too. Would people really prefer their kids to drink or to smoke if they had the choice, sry but I’d rather my kids be pot heads then alcaholics … worse case scenerios they get the munchies, raid my fridge and play some video games or go to bed.. alcahol makes u do dumb shit that can get u killed, pot doesnt.

      • Kevin Rahe

        I use alcohol regularly and it almost never has any of the aforementioned effects on me, nor does it have those effects on most of the other people I know who use it. I think it is telling that those comparing pot to alcohol invariably use the worst abuses of the latter as examples, rather than a more typical use of it.

      • Kevin Rahe

        If it were typical (or even possible?) to use marijuana in a way that has no more effect on one’s body and mind than having a beer with dinner does, then IT might be okay, too.

      • Kevin Rahe

        I will agree that liberty – the freedom to do the right thing – is indeed in peril. I think the jury is still out, however, on whether the loss of it will be “better” than it was practically everywhere else in history that it was lost.

        • Unslaved

          I have a feeling you don’t know what “right” actually is. Can you define what is a human right? It’s a simple objective answer requiring no interpretation.

  • apartment man

    at least they cant use it in a apartment complex. because they can enforce the no drug use policy that people sign when renting. the apartment complex owners still have rights as well to be drug free according to FEDERAL law

  • J.B.

    The only thing this is going to change is that the state government is now basically your drug dealer.
    Now they get paid for both selling you the drugs and regulating it and then arresting you for using it..
    Win Win 4 the state..
    The people? confused as usual but now high as a kite on top of that.

      • J.B.

        There are alot of things at play here.
        And yeah its mostly green…But it sure ain’t weed.
        This entire proposal was just a bait pile for the stupid and greedy…
        And as usual…..it worked like a charm.
        Just my opinion of course…

  • Matt

    It’s funny how you NO voters think, like pot wasn’t here before the vote. It has been easier for kids to get their hands on a bag then it is to get their hands on a liquor bottle for decades now. Oh and you also have friends, family, coworkers, and bosses that have been getting high for years. It’s not the end of the world like the media portrays.

    • NO voter

      Ah yes, the hypocrisy card…. You’re correct Matt, weed has been easier to get for “decades” now. But that pretty much only affected the users who chose to smoke it. However, after legalizing weed, it now affects every taxpayer in this state. And the legalization will be the “end of the world” for some – maybe even someone you know and love.

      • Matt

        And yes decades now. From my own experience starting in the early 90’s. Now almost 3 decades later. Oh in that time I’ve been married to the same person (who doesn’tsmoke), 3 wonderful kids and a great job that makes it possible for me to own a home a support 4 others. Mean while alcohol has taken 2 close friends and a family member from me. So tell me more about how weed is so bad….please.

        • Kevin Rahe

          If today’s mainstream media can be persuaded to acknowledge something that conservatives find concerning, it must be REALLY bad.

        • David

          I concur, Alcohol has ruined more people’s lives, that I know of, than weed ever has. Lost jobs,, lost families, lost homes, lost kids, all to booze. None to weed.

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