ACLU of Michigan to call on Kent Co. leaders to end ICE contract

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is getting involved in an ongoing call for leaders in Kent County to end their contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This has been an ongoing topic at commission meetings for the last several months, with protesters disrupting some of the meetings hoping to be heard.

Protesters believe the county only has a contract with ICE for money it gets from immigrants that are arrested and processed at the county's jail.

The county has already met with the protesters, saying ending the contract is against the law.

"The ACLU has looked at the law and its very clear, there is absolutely no reason Kent County Sheriff can't end the contract, and why the Kent County commission can't make steps to make that happens to make sure Kent County is a welcoming community for immigrants," said Miriam Aukerman, senior staff attorney for the ACLU of Michigan.

The ACLU is expected to present a letter signed by business owners, faith leaders, and residents, demanding the county end its contract.

"We've had lots of communication with the old sheriff and the new sheriff and the commissioners, but conversation is not enough if your family is being torn apart, conversation is not the answer what you want is action what you need from your elected officials in our community is that they actually take steps to make our communities and our families safe and the time has come for action," Aukerman said.

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  • Unity

    Are these people, they are holding, are they undocumented?
    You know, illegally here? If so WHAT ABOUT MY CIVIL LIBERTIES?
    I pay the taxes, I come first.

      • LoveTheUSA

        No your completely wrong, the liberals are trying to deny my liberties, not the “government “ as a whole. They simply hate anyone and anything that does not fit with their agenda.

          • LoveTheUSA

            Well I pay my taxes, and do not mind paying my share, follow the laws, and love living in the greatest nation on earth, so cops will never come to my house to arrest me. It is such a sad shame that you would twist my position on disliking a bunch of foreigners breaking into our county illegally, into some sovereign citizen crap, grow up, just because you have not had a successful, and prosperous life in this country. Perhaps if you too followed the rules, and examined your lifestyle, you may be able to change that.

          • Unslaved

            I tried to make it simple but I knew it was going to go over your head. Too much television in there. You’re hopeless but the next one isn’t so I’ll just keep at it ;)

        • Unslaved

          I’ll make this as simple as I can. You’re born with all of your god-given rights. Government doesn’t give you those rights, being a human being gave you those rights. The ONLY thing that government can do is limit the rights of whatever arbitrary group of people they deem to control. Government CANNOT grant rights, it can only take them away.

  • steve

    The ACLU needs to realize that while they can make requests, they can’t demand anything. The commission should have politely told them to get out of the meeting and don’t come back until they understand that. Remind them too, that the ‘A’ in ACLU stands for American, not law breaking illegals who have no civil liberties.


    I’m all for helping others – I guess if they want to help they should invite the illegal families into their homes.
    As far as the ACLU is concerned – what have they done? Ever?
    Remember – never forget – “illegal” = no rights in the U.S. NOT U.S. citizens

  • Sillyoldme

    Sorry, ACLU, you do not speak for ALL of the citizens of Kent County. The attorneys in this story representing the ACLU were a joke. To those immigrants here illegally with criminal backgrounds, you deserve to be deported and should not be in this country. Kent County, keep up the good work!!!

  • USAresident

    I just found out an illegal Iraqi with a record got out recently and is living in a homeless shelter in Oakland County, MI and immediately contacted my friend who is disabled and has a traumatic brain injury. He lead an unproductive life manipulating and taking advantage of her impressionable, trusting, attention seeking mind by steering her to write bad checks in stores for products to sell to the gas stations in Detroit for cash, calling for Obama phone replacements to sell there, (She’s had 5 Obama phones!!), pawning her belongings from home, to hitting her, telling her she doesn’t need her medication, along with alienating her from her family. I have called ICE on him numerous times, as well as her family, and was so happy when they picked him up. I wanted him to go back to Iraq so this loser would stop taking advantage of her disability, as well as taking advantage of being in this country! He is over 40 yrs old and is not legal! Why? He needs to go back to his country and have his rights limited if he does not want to become resident of this country. So now what? He gets to stay here and continue to do what he’s been doing? I’m so sick right now!!!!!

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