Pfizer employees building close to 100 bikes for kids of military families

PORTAGE, Mich. — Pfizer site leader Ron Perry said he remembers his first bike and how happy he was when he got it years ago.

“When you see the joy on a child’s face and they say 'a bike,' it’s usually their first bike,” Perry said during an interview at Pfizer headquarters. “Their eyes light up and they imagine, what it’s going to be like riding that bike effortlessly."

Perry was among the dozens of Pfizer employees who volunteered their time Thursday morning, putting together brand new Huffy bikes for children of active military families in the Kalamazoo area.

“We have a tremendous amount of colleagues here who are actually a part of the military,” Perry said. “They’re veterans themselves and it’s quite humbling to know the veterans are here serving us.”

Lt. Commander PJ Remillard worked alongside Pfizer employees during the “Build-A-Bike” event. He’s the commanding officer of the Navy Operational Center in Battle Creek and as soon as he found out about the event heard others  jumped on board.

“Gives us a great opportunity to you know increase our community relationship within the community in which we’re serving,” said LCDR Remillard. “Being able to do that, it's just great.”

The event, held at Pfizer’s on-campus fire station, was one of eight locations participating in it throughout the country. In total, 1,000 bikes were built on Thursday.

“I remember my first bike and being able to get out there and ride around and do all the things that the older kids were doing,” said LCDR Remillard. “Nice warm feelings inside and again you know being able to interact with the community that we’re serving in means a lot.”

***If you know of a military family with a child who’d love a bike please email:***

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