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Colorado: More forms of marijuana coming to Michigan

DENVER, Colorado - Recreational marijuana has been legalized by voters in Michigan and now the products that are coming your way look nothing like the marijuana seen on the streets for years.

Edibles, lotions and infused drinks are just some of the products now on the market in Colorado, which legalized marijuana about five years ago.  And, Colorado is still wrestling with issues such as testing for potency and purity and regulations on marketing.

Colorado lawmakers and experts had to "write the book" on what legalized marijuana actually looks like.  They say they want Michigan to "move slowly" and make sure they cover everything as we move along. They say that the science has also improved since they legalized marijuana, so things should move quicker here.

FOX 17's Doug Reardon is in Colorado this week for a look at what may be in store for Michigan now that marijuana is legal. Watch for live reports at 4, 5, 6 and 10 p.m. this week.

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    • Kevin Rahe

      Legalized marijuana has always been only about the money, at least behind the scenes. Out front it sends quite a different message.

      • steve

        If cigarette consumption hadn’t decreased over the last several years, I doubt that the government would even have entertained the idea of legalization. But, the loss of revenue from the cigarette tax was huge so a new source of income had to be found, and they figured that a tax on pot would be more readily accepted than by increasing a tax somewhere else, especially when the users had a buzz on. Simple.

        • Unslaved

          Government didn’t legalize weed. It was put on a petition that was turned into a proposal and more people voted yes than no. Prop 1 passing is a giant middle finger to government.

        • Unslaved

          Government didn’t legalize weed. It was put on a petition that was turned into a proposal and more people voted yes than no. Prop 1 pássing is a giant middle finger to government.

          • steve

            Unslaved, federal law prohibits pot and if they wanted to, they could simply say no in the same way as the eighteenth amendment was passed.

          • Unslaved

            Are you mocking something or are you really implying that freedom is slavery?
            War is peace…
            Ignorance is strength…
            Long live The Party…

          • Kevin Rahe

            Freedom taken to mean the freedom to do ANYthing rather than just the freedom to do the RIGHT thing often does become an enslavement to the thing chosen.

          • Unslaved

            You’re then implying “for our own good” we shouldn’t be free….would you by chance be a religious man? Maybe Catholic?

          • Kevin Rahe

            I don’t say you shouldn’t be free to make mistakes (and neither does the Catholic Church). But purposely removing the hurdles in the way of making a mistake is another thing entirely.

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