Police: Newaygo Co. woman killed by family dog

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEWAYGO County, Mich. - Sharon Lee Daniels, 77, died after apparently being attacked by a family dog. It happened Tuesday night in Big Prairie Township.

“Me and her grandson come home and found her. We went out to get food help, come back and it was too late," James Little recalled.

“There was just a pool of blood and not much we could do," he said.

Little said Daniels welcomed him with open arms and treated him like family.

“She was a good woman. She helped people out," he described.

Daniels was disabled and confined to a wheelchair.

Lieutenant Matthew Kanitz said one of three family dogs bit her multiple times.  All three dogs, which police say are pit bulls, are currently being held at the Newaygo County Animal Shelter.

"She had some other health issues that may turn out to be contributing factors," Kanitz said.

He explained, “We’re trying to determine her condition. Whether she was responsive prior to the dog attack or if the dog attack caused the condition that she was found.”

Police say no criminal activity is suspected. An autopsy is still pending.

We'll have more details when they become available.

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  • WRTolkas

    Pitbulls? Say it isn’t so. I was told and read that they are a such a gentle breed. (Sarcasm here folks) Sorry for that old lady. No good ways to go. Betrayed and mauled by the family dog is maybe the worst.

    • tracie

      Pit Bulls are very gentle dogs, I have only had Pits and Rottwielers my whole life including when i was a baby. what ppl need to understand is it is not the breed unless….they come from someone who over breeds and then you can have problems, just like humans when you breed too close of your gene pool(sister brother), the other factor is how they are raised…pits and rotts and g shepards are NATURAL defenders of their domain and human owners, but if you purposely raise them to become more aggressive than the norm, what do you think will happen… and it very well could be something medical, like us humans, sometimes we snap caused from something medical (sometimes not,).. we are all to quick to judge and crucify and believe without any further investigation of our own into the breeds, .it really bothers me that these two breeds along with others have received such a bad name, where shelters will automatically put one of these breeds down without any regards to what the character or temperment may be, all because the news seems to glorify on the fact if it was a pit or rott. my brother was viciously mauled on the face by a friends family dog(whom we all been around since it was a pup) no, it was not a pit or any other of the breeds declared bad, it was a little poodle mix, who was only knee high and weighed no more than 20lbs. we played with that dog, slept next to this dog, it was a part of the family and all of kids loved him, and the one day, no apparent reason, my brother sat down to pet him(normal thing) and the dog literally attatcked him, my brother ended up almost losing his eye and over 400 stictches and a couple surgeies to help repair the skin and scarring. SO, ALWAYS CHECK THE BACKGROUND OF ANY BREEDER OR SOMEONE SELLING PUPPIES, NO NEED TO CREATE EXTRA AGGRESSIVNESS(NATURAL WATCHDOGS TO BEGIN WITH), NEVER NEED TO HIT A DOG OR ABUSE THEM IN ANYWAY, JUST LIKE HUMANS SOONER OR LATER YOUR GONNA GET BACK WHAT YOU GAVE…ALL MY PITS AND ROTTS WERE LOVING AND PLAYFUL, PROTECTIVE, BUT I NEVER AND MY PARENTS NEVER SEEMED TO WORRY ABOUT ANYONE BEING ATTATCKED….PLEASE, TAKE NOTICE AND DO THE REASEARCH BEFORE YOU GO JUDGING AND PERSUING TO GIVE THESE WONDERFUL CREATURES ANYMORE THAN THE BAD RAP THEY ALREADY HAVE. THNAK YOU!!!


    people think pit bulls are good dogs they are untell they turn into pack dogs sorry for the lady but if ya want pit bulls ya get what pit bulls do

  • Andy Nielsen

    All animals behave reflectively in how they have been raised and treated. Nothing said in article about how long she had these three dogs, whether they were owned since pups, or were obtained after they were adults. It is rare, no impossible – for dogs to behave like they did unless they were mistreated sometime in their lives and/or food was withheld. No, blame the human in some manner not the dogs.

    • csunbean

      wrong. Dogs are man’s best friends and other dogs do not choose to kill they bite defensely to get people away. A five year old infant was killed Sunday by the family pet pitbull. Any dog can get away from a woman confined to a wheel chair or a days old infant in a bassinet. Neither family abused the dogs. Excuses. Every pitbull promoter has one.

  • Kirk

    Sad story. The sad thing is people continue to believe, “it’s how the owners treat their dogs, that causes this to happen”. Pitbulls seem to be very keen on picking up on someone that looks week. The fact that this lady had a small pack of dogs didn’t help. A quick google search will bring up stories, where pitbulls have killed horses or other large animals, yet people continue to think they make great pets.

    • csunbean

      pet pitbulls killing people are normalized and not national news now. NON pit bull maulings are put in the spot light and the unscrupulous orgs like Best Friends Animal Sanctuary that promote the dogs to extract millions in donations will have Pro pitbull propaganda out to bury this mauling. And bury the killing of a 5 day old infant in Florida by a pet pit bull. The pitbull couldn’t get away from that abusive can’t sit up yet helpless infant huh? (Satire). These orgs need to keep pitbulls over populated as shelters nationwide would be nearly empty and focused on cats if pitbulls were not promoted as majority of pitbull owners do not spay and neuter while majority of NON pitbull dog owners have embraced spay and neutering so ALL DOGS would get homes easily and shetler populations would drop drastically along with dog fighting that is all 50 states now, if the promotions of Pitbulls would stop. ASPCA is also corrupted. They were investigated and it found that 85 percent of its revenue goes to help people live the good life. It doesn’t go to pets. Animal rescue has become a lucrative scam and pit bulls are their product. Just like big tobacco duped the public to take up smoking with propaganda, these orgs are duping the public with slogans. Its not all in home you raise them. Pitbulls kill more people,pets, and wildlife in the USA than all other dogs combined. Bears and wolves do not kill people as frequently.

    • csunbean

      It should be a crime of manslaughter as they admitted the dog had “recently become aggressive”. If a dog becomes aggressive you need to take it to a vet or to be put down immediately if you can’t afford vet care. A 5 day old infant in Florida was killed Sunday by the family pitbull and this attack did not make the national news either..

  • S.W

    I rescued at pit when he was 2 years old. He ended up being my best friend. He was looking out the window when I left for work and waiting at the door for me when I got home. He cuddled with me when I was sad and cuddled with me when I was. Unfortunately after 11 years I lost him. Never once in those years was I ever scared of him. Miss him to this day. RIP T

  • sj

    What I don’t understand is how is the story woman killed by dog, but it clearly says they don’t actually know if the dog killed her or if the bites occurred after other health issues. What the heck?!? Talk about false news. Let’s write a story and not know if it’s even accurate.. great reporting folks!

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