Retiring Brookwood Elementary social worker gets Medieval Times send off

KENTWOOD, Mich. -- A social worker at Kentwood Public Schools is retiring after nearly three decades of educational service and she had a unique send off Thursday that included a queen and dueling knights.

Pamela Buschle has been at Brookwood elementary school for 29 years and she got a chivalrous send off compliments of Medieval Times. The group traveled all the way from the far away land of the Chicago castle to entertain the young students and to honor Buschle.

“It’s been the privilege of my life to work with children and their families. I’m going to miss everything about being a social worker at this school,” says Buschle.

Medieval Times had a sword clashing duel with two knights and the queen even knighted two students. All the young students watched with spellbound eyes during the knight fight. And Brookwood Elementary's principal had mixed emotions about Buschle's retirement.

“So while I’m excited and celebrating her retirement it’s also sad to see someone who’s so committed to this Kentwood community go,” says Principal Lorenzo Bradshaw.

The charismatic social worker lost her arms and legs five years ago after septic complications. Her biggest highlight in her long career is how others responded to that.

“What stands out most to me and my career is when I lost my limbs, the entire school district came together and helped me to have enough sick time so that I would be able to recover. And people’s generosity and kindness during that time is really the highlight of my career,” says Buschle.

She now uses artificial limbs these days and her outlook and dedication to helping others is a motto she hopes her students can learn from.

“I try to work really hard to make the best out of a situation that has been difficult,” says Buschle.

The Medieval Times crew may get the glory but Buschle says it's her students that will always be her knights in shining armor.

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