Muskegon Co. mom ordered to jail over child’s excessive absences

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON COUNTY, Mich. --  A mother in Muskegon County woman has been ordered to spend 5 days in jail after she did nothing to keep her child from missing school.

In total there are 26 unexcused absences on her 6-year-old's record.

Brittany Horton was sentenced this month after she plead guilty to a charge of truancy back in May. Her punishment was delayed, because the prosecutor's office wanted to give Horton a chance to solve the problem.

Instead, her student missed more classes.

Administrators say Horton also failed to show up to scheduled meetings to discuss the absences.

Along with jail time, she'll have to pay more than $500 in fines.

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  • Amber

    How is this even news? Why would you tear someone down and humiliate them to the public when you don’t even know their situation? She is and always has been a wonderful Mother. I think whomever decided to publish this article as “news” should be ashamed of themselves. So much hate and disaster in the news. Let’s start sharing love.

    • Jay

      ” She is and always has been a wonderful mother.” Are you serious? A” wonderful ” mother makes sure her child is in school. I don’t have to know her situation. That is just a excuse. There is always some way to get to school. Inexcusable !

  • Billie

    Maybe her daughter was sick or maybe she was having a difficult time , nobody knows her story and by the way the state is too involved just saying . I had truancy Called on me for my son because he has asthma and he was sick but because it was more then they allow I was reported for it but when they came out I told them if he can’t breath I’m not sending him . So don’t come out here again .

    • Yani a andy

      It’s happened to me too my son got anemonia. I got warning after 8 day n he still sick I do what I could I bring him everyday in my car after the excuses doctor was up which just for 4 day. I had the breathing machine w me n told the school office he is still sick, hes in my car they said no if he still sick don’t bring him in. I do that almost everyday I was late for work got written up. End of the day I still got send to court for truancy. In court the school board said I’m a bad mom don’t care if my kid in school..I do care I send him to school everyday the school refused to let him in.
      This truancy crap law got to be admended.

  • Yani a andy

    I think the truancy law got to be amended. The kids late to school, the kids in the loo pooping n late for class, the high school kids went out to lunch caught in traffic late for the next class and kids whom sick n out of doctor sick slip n still sick need to be at home! All considered truancy. We be send to court. I think parent letter should be excused. The school said it’s not us it’s the state. The state not here to see what really the excused are they do not understand some people really trying to do the right things and some excuses not just doctor slip are valid.

  • Bud

    It’s amazing to read the comments and how people give parents a pass, but scream bloody murder when schools follow the rules. Unexcused absences means the parent didn’t even take the time to call the school to report that her child was going to be absent – whether it was because they were ill, had a doctors appointment, etc. The child was absent over 33 percent of the school days to date. If your going to shirk your parental duty – then the child would probably be better off in a good foster home where the adults ACT as parents should.

  • Sheila Y Tarrant

    Anyone old enough to be accepted as an adult capable of all; the responsibility’s of raising children must be held accountable. Whatever the situation there is no excuse for handling the importance of this situation so poorly. Not even for a minute will I believe that at this lady’s point in life is she adult enough to be raising a child.Hopefully she will make some life time changes in this type of behavior, therefore deserving to be the parent with full unlimited custody of her child. She needs classes, professional support and guidance till she proves she can look out for the best interest of this child or either a good lawyer for her and another legal representative sololy looking out for the childs rights and needs.

  • Baditude

    If the child had been ill with something that would keep him out of school for extended periods the doctor would have written a note for the school to know that the time out of class is due to a real issue not just a kid who does’t want to get up and the morning or a parent who is too lazy to get up and get them ready for school. The 6 year old has missed a bit over 5 weeks of school and it would be a pretty big illness to keep a little one out that long. so I am guessing mom did not want to be bothered getting up and getting the little one ready and to school. It is sad that it came down to putting her in jail but when she was offered ways to keep herself out of trouble and did not do it she deserves what she gets and 5 days is really not enough to deter her from doing it again

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