Smart Shopper: Best Things to Buy in December

Did 2018 feel more like a marathon or slow jog? Either one, the last month of the year is upon us and that means some things are better than others to buy.

1.) Gift Cards : The folks at pointed out that many places reward you with extra goodies in December, if you buy gift cards. Also, many stores and restaurants actually throw them in as an added bonus for buying other products, too. A great resource to find out who is offering what is a

Locally, 4gr8food has an awesome buy some, get some program right now. For example, buy a $50 gift card and you'll get $50 in certificates to use at their select restaurants. Check out this link to see details.

2.) Toys : The first two weeks of December are when you will find the best deals on toys. But, if you can hold off, the Saturday right before Christmas known as "Super Saturday" is when you will find amazing deals in most cases.

3.) Cars : Really want to go above and beyond or just treat yourself to a new car? December is when you will find the best car deals because dealers need to push the 2018 models off the lot in order to make way for the new models.

Some things to hold off on:

1.) Televisions: you will actually get the best deals closer to Super Bowl Sunday

2.) Bedding: many retailers like to hold a "White Sale" in January.

Happy shopping everyone! Send me those Smart Shopper ideas. Email me:




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