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Bill introduced to limit home-grown marijuana in Michigan

LANSING, Mich. – A West Michigan State Senator has introduced a bill in Lansing that would limit home-grown marijuana without a license.

Arlan Meekhoff (R-West Olive) is sponsoring Senate Bill 1243, which was introduced by Senator Michael Kowall.

The bill would amend the proposal passed by voters in November to legalize recreational marijuana to require licenses for all growing operations.

To pass, the bill will need three-quarters of the Senate and House to support.

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  • Dorwin

    So when they had the opportunity to legalize marijuana they didnt want to have anything to do with it and regulate anything then this allowing it to be voted on by the people. Now that it has passed you choose to take part by immediately limiting how much “home grown marijuana”? I’m curious are there limitations on how much home brewed beer the people can have? I haven’t found any limits there, yet how long has that been going on? Marijuana has been legalized by the people you are wasting time and tax payer funds by trying to limit how much is grown at home. I personally think you can find much more pressing matters to handle here in Michigan that will carry much more positive with the voters in this state.

  • Unslaved

    Arlan Meekhoff knows someone that wants to monopolize the cannabis industry. The only reason to get rid of home growing is to make sure that only massive cannabis farms exist and their massive profits stay in very few pockets.

    • Gordon Buzzell

      Yep, i have heard in past few days that they will only allow rich people to grow weed in dispenserys, there fore cutting the private grower at the knee.s., i think it was on Mlive

  • Unslaved

    Arlan Meekhoff knows someone that wants to monopolize the cannabis industry. The only reason to get rid of home growing is to make sure that only mássive cannabis farms exist and their mássive profits stay in very few pockets.

  • LovingTheUSA

    Good luck with this effort, another stupid politician who thinks that they will throw a law on the books that will be a nightmare to provide enforcement. Like it or not, the people spoke at the polls, move on to something productive.

  • Dr.Bluegrass

    This is all crap, sounds as if the backers of this bill just want to put the money in the big business hands, I’m a medical card holder and none of this should have anything to do with me growing my few plants. Why did the sponsors wait till now to try and pass there crap!!! We are just now starting to change the view of marijuana, why go in reverse?????

    • Matt

      Money. OL ARTY dips××× saw a chance to make some money. That is why. You have to have a license to do anything these days. If the state could make you buy a license to to breath their air they would.

  • Allen DeYoung

    Nice, make it illegal just after the people made it legal, I think our representatives, need to listen to there boss the people, if they outlaw this they are showing they have no respect for the people, I would say we need a recall on all who vote to limit the new law

  • lucas

    just another way for these greedy politicians to line there pockets with cash………lets stop all home grows and just allow the government to supply us all ….here government have my human rights,here government have my guns ,here government take my life!!!!!!!!!GET REAL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we all need to stan together for this amazingly beneficial plant and for your god given right!!!!

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