Under $20: Awesome gifts for the whole family

Don't let gift giving stress you out. Whether you have a tight budget or just want something unique, I found seven items for $20 and under for the whole family.

1.) Mainstays Kids Glitter Chair: $19.88

  • gold holographic foil glitter on inside
  • 100 % waterproof
  • good for ages 4 to 12
  • comes with blow dryer adapter
  • 38" W x 38" D x 30 H



2.) Glasstic Water Bottles:$19.99

  • glass on the inside, plastic on the outside
  • shatterproof
  • no metal flavor
  • lifetime warranty
  • large spout, easy to drink
  • lots of colors
  • currently 25 percent off


3.) Java Sok: $9.99

*great for iced coffee enthusiasts (can be used for any type of cold beverage)

*made from insulated neoprene

*no more wet handshakes

*3 different sizes



4. Grabease

*created by a mom

*safe feeding, no more choking

*ergonomic design

*BPA free

*$14.50 per set

*currently 20 percent off


5.) J.P. Doodles:$11.99 to $14.99

*created by a mom

*hats, onesies, place mats and cards

*hats for adult, too

*free shipping on domestic order


6.) Posie Turner Socks

  • socks with an inspirational message
  • women's and men's
  • Peruvian cotton
  • $16.50 each




7. Keepster

  • Do more with your text, chat and IM messages by saving information to your computer, including photos, emojis, etc from iPhone backups.
  • can turn messages into a keepsake book
  • free download
  • books start at $9.99

































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