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Confusion sets in as proposal legalizing marijuana possession goes into effect


Purple East head shop in Grand Rapids has been celebrating Proposal 1 all day...but manager Gregory Hatt says, they've gotten plenty of calls from confused people...asking if they sell marijuana.

“We get asked a million times a day, what do you guys think about legalization, what’s going to change, can I buy it, can I smoke it, are you guys selling it? we get asked if we’re a dispensary a few times a day. we get asked these questions all the time and we’re sure to provide the best information to the public as we can.” Gregory Hatt, manager at Purple East, said.

All those calls have the same answer: no, they don't sell marijuana. The sale of recreational marijuana is illegal everywhere in the state. However, you can now legally possess 2.5 ounces and grow up to 12 plants.

CBD shop The Grassy Knoll says they've gotten plenty of calls today too...and their products...can't get you high.

"We get phone calls every day, people come in, we just have to politely tell them, none of our products have THC in them.” Janet Tombre, owner of The Grassy Knoll said.

Sales won't likely be legal for at least a few years. Until then, you can smoke marijuana if you have it legally. But buying it recreationally....is still illegal.


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1 Comment

  • C

    “Pot advocates celebrate new law”. I’ll tell you right now that there’s another group loving the moment, too….lawyers. Their already solid fiscal situations have just received a boost for the future because their potential customer base has just been greatly expanded. No surprise.

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