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School bus driver caught on video blowing through red light in Parchment

PARCHMENT, Mich. — Jesse Carter said he was on his way to work around 2:30 p.m. on November 30 when a Comstock school bus almost sideswiped him. Seconds later, he saw the bus speeding next to him on Riverview Drive, heading towards the intersection near the Advia Credit Union.

“By the time I got my camera out, we were down here and I happened to catch her blowing through that red light,” Carter said during an interview Friday near that intersection. “She was doing like 45, 50 miles an hour.”

Carter said he does not know if the driver was male or female or if anyone was on board. However it was going fast he said. The posted speed limit is 30 m.p.h. on Riverview. Carter said the incident happened around the same time school was letting out for the day and he remembers seeing kids nearby.

“It’s kind of a danger to them you know and other pedestrians out there and motorists,” Carter said. “In the video you could see a car have to slam on his brakes coming up Commerce [Street] right there.”

Carter said he called Comstock Public Schools and reported the incident. Superintendent Dr. Jeff Thoenes told FOX 17 via email that the transportation supervisor reviewed the video and camera on the bus. The driver was ultimately “disciplined." He continued:

“Our primary focus is always on student safety. We appreciate the opportunity presented to us  through this citizen’s efforts to ensure our drivers carry out that mission.”

Meanwhile, Carter posted the video on Facebook and it went viral gaining close to 700 shares. He did not expect that response he said but he hopes it sends a strong message to everyone to slow down especially bus drivers.

“I’m just glad there’s a little bit of awareness out there,” Carter said. “It’s a situation that needs to be addressed. You know, it’s a topic that needs to be addressed really.”

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    • Michael

      I don’t interpret the video the same way. While the light was clearly red when the bus went through the intersection I can’t see when it turned red. As a vehicle going the opposite direction is going through at the same time as the bus I can only assume the light had just turned. The traffic light for intersecting roads doesn’t turn green immediately when the other road turns red. There’s a several second safety buffer where both roads are red for this exact scenario. If the approaching vehicle had to slam on its brakes because of the bus it
      was also just about to run a red light.

      I also don’t see the children walking on both sides of the road. Based on the subject’s exaggeration and inconsistencies I’m not sure that can be taken as fact.

      I can see discipline for what appears to be speeding causing the bus driver to be unable to stop in time for a stale green light turning yellow/red. I think you’d need the video from the bus to clarify a few things to justify termination. Maybe it did and the driver was terminated. Maybe it didn’t and they weren’t.

  • Bobbie Sue

    Carter said he does not know if the driver was male or female. But Carter said “SHE was doing like 45, 50 miles an hour.” And he “happened to catch HER blowing through that red light.

  • G

    Why is the driver of the car/truck on their phone recording while driving?! Both are at fault of driving dangerously. They both need to be fined.

    • Jimmy supa fly snooka

      Rite this driver says by the time I got my camera out. So apparently messing with the phone and not paying attention to the road. Sounds to me like one of many A holes in this state that like to try and make others look bad or get them in trouble when they should get themselves a hobby to not worry about everybody else.

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